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When viewed from the internet connection used, Android games are divided into two. The first is an online or online game which is generally an RPG type. The second is offline or offline games with no less demand. Moreover, there are many types, not only arcades.

One type of offline game that is in great demand is the Stick War Legacy Mod APK. This game is liked because it has a unique storyline. Unlike other games that feature stunning visuals, this game only has a matchstick design.

Even though it’s simple and doesn’t have too much animation, this game is able to boost its popularity with a very unique fighting way. The enemy is very fierce, down to the war strategy that each player must have. Interested? Check out the reviews below.

Review Game Stick War Legacy Mod APK

  1. Gameplay

Simple games tend to be disliked by fans. The reason is because it quickly makes them bored. Especially in this stick-themed game, this is not the case. Even though it is very simple, the gameplay in it is quite complex, see in full.

When playing this game, you will be required to create a regiment. All troops in it must be properly trained every day. If the training goes smoothly, all troops will experience an upgrade and can be used against strong enemies.

The strong enemies in this game are divided into several types. First, the enemy is in the casual zone. You have to deploy troops to attack small enemies to the boss. Next, the mission is to destroy the enemy base in order to win the mission.

Second is a strong enemy in survival mode. This means that your strength will be tested to kill various zombies and other monsters. Their numbers are so infinite, even mutually infinite, you must die at the highest level.

In addition to a very exciting game, you also have to understand the function of the troops you have. There were soldiers who carried swords, carried spears, carried arrows, and witches. All have their own functions and you have to maximize them.

Features of the Mod version of Stick War Legacy

  1. Unlimited Money

One of the definite features of a mod type game is unlimited money. If you usually have to bother to do missions. Now, you can be quite relaxed and get whatever you want easily.

The money in the game can be used for many things. First, to buy items such as skins. Second, strengthen weaponry. Finally, to increase the level per job or job. If you have unlimited money, your troops can be strong from the start.

  1. Campaign or Special Event

The worry that casual offline games have is boredom. But not with this game, because various special campaigns or events will be held. Generally, campaigns that are held give special items that have great power.

Follow all the latest campaigns or events being held. That way, the troops you have will continue to experience upgrades.

  1. Skins with Special Powers

The basic or early form of this game is a black stick or stick. But along with its development, new skins appear. Skins will be assigned to characters or troops. The use of this skin makes them strong because of the special effects.

For example, a lava skin that will give a big damage effect and burn everything. Then, there is the Ice skin that can make the enemy freeze or slow down.

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