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Billiards is a game that is quite popular, either in person, or through applications such as Android games. 8 Ball Pool Mod game is one of the most loved and considered the most realistic billiards game on Android.

Well, 8 Ball Pool itself has a modified version that has far more features than the original version. These features make this online billiard game even more interesting and more interactive.

For those of you who are curious and want to play, here are some things you need to know about the modified version of 8 Ball Pool which can be an entertainment for billiard lovers.

8 Ball Pool

Even if you don’t understand the game of billiards in the real world, the game concept is simple enough for anyone to understand. There is a group of colored and numbered balls on the pool table, along with the black number 8 ball and the white ball used to hit the other balls.

Using the cue stick, you are required to poke the white ball, and hope that the white ball will hit another ball, then enter the holes available on the edge of the table. Easy enough, right?

This one game follows the basic rules of billiards and is of course quite easy. Plus, the game has non-intrusive text tutorials that explain things the first time around, sort of like a quick tutorial. So, you will not be confused and wrong in playing.

8 Ball Pool Mod Features

The 8 Ball Pool application that has been developed and modified has several features that the original version does not have. Here are some of these features.

  1. Unlocked All Tournaments

In the original version of the 8 Ball Pool application, tournaments can only be followed gradually. This is of course very difficult for novice players to be able to fight at a high level. As a result, many beginner players are stuck in the same tournament without ever being able to experience another tournament.

In fact, each tournament certainly has different coin rewards. And it is very unfortunate for you, new players, who cannot experience the thrill of tournaments at a higher level.

  1. Opened All Tables

Pool tables, like tournaments, are not things that can be accessed easily in the original version of 8 Ball Pool. However, in this modified version that has been developed, all tables will be opened.

You no longer need to collect coins or participate in tournaments just to open a new pool table.

Actually, what are the benefits of opening a new pool table?

One of the advantages is to get a new gaming atmosphere. However, on the other hand, by playing in a more diverse pool table, you will also meet new, more diverse players.

  1. There is a Coin Transfer Feature

This feature is the most unique and fun feature in the modified version of 8 Ball Pool. By using this modified version, of course you can transfer coins to other players. This feature is quite useful, because there may be times when you want to help or ask for coins with other players.

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