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Archero is a game where you will play as an archer in a world full of enemies who will kill you.

You are an archer and your job is to kill every enemy in the game. Use your arrows and kill the enemy, that’s the main principle of this game.

If you are on Instagram or Facebook, then you may have seen this game advertised on the app. This is a game type that is fun to play over and over again.

By playing Archero Apk, of course the sensation of a different archery game will be felt. So in this game, you will fight against many monsters that will kill you with your bow and arrow.

Archero APK features

Change of Characters

This is the most unique feature in the modified version of Archero. So, you don’t only play as an archer character, but there are other characters that can also be played in this modified version of the game.

So, this game will be more exciting. You can use up to 3 characters in the entire game.

For example, you play with character A, then when character A manages to kill the enemy boss and gets the skill, this skill will only apply to character A.

What about character B and character C? You have to kill the boss again with characters B and C so that this skill can be obtained by them.

So, this game also creates a new challenge, namely how you can maintain all your characters with balanced skills.


This is also an excellent feature that was not in the original Archero version. The tournament in Archero Mod Apk is a kind of tournament to kill many enemies. Exciting, right?

So, you and several other players will be put on a battlefield. Your task is very simple, namely to kill as many enemies as possible to win 1 tournament level.

This is where character switching becomes quite exciting. If you have 3 characters, then you can determine when you can put out the strong and weak characters to fight. So, there is an element of game strategy here too.

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