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Avee Player Pro is a popular music player app developed by Daaw Aww. Avee Music Player is a music player application that is stored in the most popular folders and has been downloaded by more than 10 million Android users.

Avee Music Player lets you have a completely different music listening experience. Through this application you can listen to music with a stunning spectrum visualizer while playing HD quality videos smoothly.

This music player application is very light, which is only around 3.7 MB in size so it will not burden the smartphone. Users cannot freely take advantage of the full features of Avee Player in the free version. For that you can upgrade to the pro version or download a modified Avee Player.

Avee Player Pro review

Every smartphone is equipped with a built-in music player, and specifically for the Android smartphone platform, Google Play Music is also equipped. The default application is enough to just play music, unfortunately it lacks features plus it looks boring.

The good news is, now you can download a quality light music player called Avee Music Player from Google Play. This application allows you to have a more satisfying music listening experience. You can play music directly based on the music folder on your cellphone.

Apart from being a music player, Avee Music Player can also be used to play videos of all formats and qualities. So if you have a video in a format that the default video player can’t read, then you can rely on the Avee Music Player.

The experience of listening to your favorite music and videos will also be great because this app also has an equalizer feature. You can use this feature to find the right arrangement of settings so that the sound of the music / video is more pleasant to your ears.

The next excellent feature of Avee Music Player is the presence of a variety of audio visualizers. You can freely customize the visualizer with various colors, audio reactions, shapes, sizes. You can also use your own image for the visualizer.

Well, as is common with applications on Playstore, of course there are free and premium versions. The free version of Avee Player Music certainly has limitations that you have to buy if you want to use it. Unlike the premium version, all features are open and ready to use.

If you want to upgrade Avee Music Player to the premium version, of course you have to spend some money to subscribe. But don’t worry, now a lot of Avee Player Pro is free because it has been modified and you can download it freely without paying.

The modified Avee Music Player will have the same features as Avee Music Premium. The difference is you don’t have to pay to get a variety of features. So you are free to listen to music with support for okay features without having to subscribe.

Avee Player Pro Features

  1. No Ads

The main feature that Avee Music Player Pro offers is that it is free of annoying ads. Of course, no one likes to see advertisements when playing music or videos, even though they are as good as the advertisements that appear.

If you are using the original Avee Music Player, there will usually be advertisements that appear when you play music using the visualizer. Based on our experience, these ads cannot be skipped and will continue to exist for some time to come. Very annoying, right?

  1. Unlock All Features

You can still enjoy listening to music and watching HD quality videos with the original Avee Music Player. But of course there are certain limitations that make some of the main features locked and you can’t use them.

Now, by upgrading to pro or downloading the modified version, all features will be unlocked and you are free to enjoy them anytime. Because all features and services are open, you can play music / videos in all formats and can customize the visualizer more freely.

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