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For those of you who like to read stories via smartphones, both comics and pdf novels, there is one application that you will definitely like. This is the Choices Mod APK. This application is a modified version of Choices: Story You Can Play. Then, what is this application like? Here comes the review.

Review Choices: Story You Can Play

Choices, Story You Can Play is an application that contains stories while offering exciting adventures. How come? Because in this application, you can determine the storyline according to your choice. Even though the storyline is limited, there are still a million possibilities that could happen.

In this application, you will read the story from the perspective of the main character. So, later, every conversation the main character will have several options. For example, when the main character talks to character A.

When character A says something to the main character, then you as the main character must determine your own answer. You will also be presented with several reply options. Now, each chosen response will have a different effect and response to the storyline that you are going to go through.

Exciting, right? So far, there are 3 main types of stories available at Choices, Story You Can Play. Then, what are the main stories? Here comes the review.

  1. Freshman

You are a new student in college. Therefore, your story will be filled with romantic adventures with kids at the college. Not only that, you will also get lots of stories, from the social side to academic experiences on campus.

For the character, you will play as a female character. You will have 3 ideal men on campus. They are a male soccer player, a male writer, and a woman from Asia (yes, the storyline in this app may contain sensitive elements such as same-sex love).

You will also have a lot of experience with your friends. You can help your roommate catch up with her love (or not) and help your professional reunite with her daughter (or not). The storyline that you will go through depends on the choices you make.

  1. Rules of Engagement

This story has a very romantic plot and is sometimes quite funny. You will play as four brothers on a cruise ship in the summer, with an assignment from the grandmother. During the course of the story, you may experience a shift in the main character’s perspective.

Then, what is meant by the duties of the grandmother? Before dying, the grandmother had already prepared an inheritance for her 4 grandchildren. However, these grandchildren couldn’t just get it. They have to carry out the “duties” of the grandmother.

Choices APK feature

  1. Retrieval

This is a feature where you can return to the previous storyline. For example, when you don’t like the story line that is being followed or you feel you can guess the ending.

This is one of the most preferred features of the modified version. Why? Because for some readers, Choice’s storyline was predictable from the start. So, this feature allows the reader to choose whether to return to the main storyline or to continue the story.

  1. Broader and Extreme Conversation Features

In the original version, conversation replies between characters have limited options. For example, when a man asks a female character to marry, in the original version we can reply with the words “Yes” or “No”.

However, in the modified version, there are several other options such as “Yes, as long as you buy me a luxury car”. Of course, these conversations are not in the story and are only as examples, so you don’t get spoiled.

In essence, the conversation on the modified version will be wider and many choices. You can also get more extreme and exciting answer choices. As a result, reading stories becomes more fun and challenging.

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