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Talking about strategy games, surely you are already familiar with Supercell’s game, Clash of Clan. Games that carry this strategy genre have become very popular games among smartphone users several years ago before MOBA games came as competitors.

Even so, this game is still fun to play today. In fact, many modified versions of this game have been made to provide even more fun. With the COC Mod APK, you can do many things thanks to the unlimited gold, elixir and gem features.

A Brief Review of the Game Clash of Clan

Clash of Clan or commonly abbreviated as COC is a strategy game developed by Supercell. Released for iOS devices on August 2, 2012 and for Android devices on October 7, 2013. It didn’t take long, this game immediately attracted many people.

The essence of this game is how to defend and attack in order to get as much gold and elixir as possible. Gold and elixir is what will be used to build forts, upgrade buildings, create troops and so on.

There will be many troop that can be used and each troop has its own advantages and disadvantages. This is what players must pay attention to when they want to make an army, make sure the troop chosen is effective in destroying the weakest sides of the opponent’s defense.

If you want to build a building, fort, or upgrade a troop, you need a lot of time. Therefore, gems are needed to speed up the upgrade process. Meanwhile, to have enough gems you must buy them first.

This is what makes COC players feel a little bored because they have to grind by playing continuously, attack one by one the opponent’s defense, and collect elixir from the opponent’s defense but at the same time they are threatened with losing the elixir when the base is destroyed.

For this reason, independent game developers out there make modifications to this game by issuing the COC Mod APK. With this version you will get unlimited gold, elixir, or gems, so the focus of the game is to build a defense or attack strategy.

Various Features in the COC Mod APK

With the creation of this modified version of COC, you no longer need to undergo a series of building upgrade processes and level up troop for days or even months. Of course, thanks to the unlimited source features provided in this COC Mod APK.

To find out what and how these features can be used, see the explanation below:

  1. Unlimited Gold

If in the original version of COC you have to penetrate the opponent’s fortress and loot their resources, then in the modified version it doesn’t really matter. The reason is, since the beginning of the game, gold has been abundantly available for players.

Even so, you will still get gold when you succeed in destroying your opponent’s gold resources.

  1. Unlimited Elixir

Apart from gold, the Mod version of COC will also give you an abundance of unlimited elixirs that you can use to present or level up troop as desired. You can imagine how many dragons you can produce with unlimited elixir.

Playing COC will be more exciting by using the best troops. You can also use the most advanced weapons that will be difficult to find when playing the original COC version.

  1. Unlimited Dark Elixir

In the COC game, dark elixir is used to buy Archer Queen, Barbarian King and Dark Barack. However, to get it is very difficult, Enemies who have a lot of dark elixir resources usually have very good defense.

In the COC Mod APK game, you no longer have trouble getting it. You can build all troops or buildings that require dark elixir easily, so that the fighting action that is presented will be much more exciting with the highest level troop.

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