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One of the anime that is quite successful with serials and in game form is Dragon Ball Z and Dokkan Battle Mod APK.

There have been many Dragon Ball Z series that have been made into games on various platforms. But one of the series that we will discuss is Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.

This game, which is specifically for iOS and Android mobile gamers, is a game released by a well-known Japanese game developer, Bandai Namco Entertainment.

A brief review of the DGZ game: Dokkan Battle

  1. Gameplay

To continue the game, this game is like a game of snakes and ladders or monopoly where you have to use dice to determine the next move.

The difference is, in this game you are not only given one choice of numbers, but 3 number choices for you to move forward.

Each tile you go through will have a different effect. Starting from enemy attacks, giving items, increasing energy, and also facing enemies.

Because you have 3 numbers to choose from, then you can make a strategy to determine which plot to traverse first.

Patterns like this will give players the opportunity to adjust to their current conditions. If the HP is high, of course against the enemy, you can choose to do battle.

If you are in need of energy, players can also choose tiles that provide additional energy, etc. When undergoing a battle, there will be 3 characters that you can use.

Each of them has different abilities. Choose 3 characters who can complement each other so that they will be maximized when undergoing battles against each enemy you face.

With its advantages and disadvantages, this game is still quite fun to play and will not make players feel bored.

Especially with the characters that are presented, it will make the players seem to see the Dragon Ball anime on TV.

  1. Graphics

Dokkan Battle offers pretty interesting graphics. During the fighting scene, you will see the Dragon Ball anime on TV, complete with exciting fighting movements and amazing attack effects.

Dokkan Battle Mod APK Features

  1. Unlimited Health

In this modified version, the health of the played character has no limits. That means, it is almost impossible for the enemy to injure the player and make him die. You can fight for a long duration without worrying about running out of blood.

  1. Unlimited Strength

You can use your maximum ability continuously. Of course, the damage that will be generated is very large and it can be done at any time without any restrictions. So it can be said that your normal strength is your maximum strength.

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