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Hello guys ?. . . . . maybe now you still remember Ucok’s figure? yes, our initial character played GTA SA, but we are not discussing that, but what we will discuss is Download GTA 5.

Which is where this game presents a criminal theme with the most expensive manufacturing costs in the world.

GTA 5 has set a record for the fastest sales because many consider this game to be fun and special.

Grand Theft Auto 5 review?

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most expensive game with a criminal theme. This game was released by Rockstar Games, which had sales of up to US $ 1 billion in just three days.

Not far less than the game we reviewed earlier, Minecraft mod apk, which earns almost the same income as GTA.

This is because the making of this game is very fantastic. GTA 5 has broken the record for sales of Hollywood films including the most popular Harry Potter films.

Grand Theft Auto 5 game presents outstanding features with impressive visuals.

So that it is in great demand by game lovers around the world. At the beginning of the release of this game, there were parties who contested because they thought the GTA 5 game featured violent scenes.

However, all these scenes are only a description of a story that is carried by the game.

Main Features of Grand Theft Auto 5 Game

  1. Amazing Graphics

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GTA 5 has a very good and extraordinary plot and characters. This game can be played at a frame rate of 60fps for the PC version of GTA 5.

This game also displays visuals with full HD or 1080p resolution. So that all the characters and components presented are visible very clearly.

The more sophisticated the device used, the more subtle and cool the visuals are.

Grand Theft Auto also has 4K visuals that can support your game.

So that it makes the sensation of the game look real because the visuals displayed are very real and detailed.

  1. Complete Details

GTA 5 does not only feature characters. However, Grand Theft Auto also has a detailed game component.

This game can support the latest console devices. By displaying dense city details, shady trees, roads, weather, light effects, shadows, animals, traffic, lights, and so on.

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