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First released in 2012, the Dragon City game became the most popular game on Facebook. An exciting game with attractive graphics that make this game attractive to many people. Until now, this game is still being played.

More than 7 years old, this game now has a modified version. Players can use various features that they don’t get in the original version of the game. What are the features of the Dragon City Mod APK game? Get the answer in the article below.

A brief review of Dragon City Mod APK

The Dragon City game was developed by Social Points and released to be played on Facebook on May 8, 2012. This game was increasingly in demand by many people after it was released for iOS and Android platforms in August 2013. Not only for teenagers, but also for adults.

As the name suggests, this game is a game about dragons. You will be asked to raise dragons from hatching to becoming a formidable fighting dragon. Here you can also feed them, mate dragons with one another, etc.

Entering level 4, the dragons you develop can participate in contests or competitions. Each type of dragon has unique abilities. Your job is to hone his abilities to the maximum.

In order for you to have the best dragon collection, often to breed one type of dragon with other types. If you are lucky, there will be rare dragons with extraordinary abilities that you can produce so that they can be the best combination when fighting.

You can do battles against other players from different cities. Who has the combination of dragons with the best abilities can win the match and get attractive rewards.

In addition, you can also build a farm that can be used as a place to exchange golden eggs for various other interesting things. In terms of graphics, this game also has a display that will amaze every player. Will not be bored playing it all day long.

Especially for the Dragon City Mod APK that we discussed, it is basically a modification of the original version. All the features in the original Dragon City will remain in the modified version. Even the additional features make the modified version more attractive.

Dragon City Mod APK Features

In terms of gameplay, this game has the same features as the original Dragon City with a few additions. The following are features that you can find when playing the modified version of Dragon City:

  • There are more than 1000 dragons that are ready to be bred and undergo fierce battles in the arena.
  • There will be new dragons every week with the unlocking of special islands and in-game breeding.
  • Take part in certain events and get cool skins for the dragons you have.
  • You can summon dragons from a magical world using the tree of life.

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