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When it comes to racing games, the names that often come up are Need for Speed ​​and Asphalt. However, there is one game that is no less exciting than the two games. He is Drift Max Pro, a racing game with a 3D view that is ready to pump your adrenaline on the track arena.

Apart from the original version, this game also presents a modified version. There will be additional features that make this game even more exciting to play. To find out what the Drift Max Pro Mod APK game looks like and how it’s different from the original version, see this article to the end.

Quick Review of Drift Max Pro

Game Drift Max Pro is a game developed by the game studio from Istanbul, Tiramisu. This racing game with a simple but fun concept will invite players to participate in races as beginners until they finally find a high-level match.

Here you will find various world-famous sports car brands, such as Ferarri, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, to Lamborghini. You can have these cars later by making payments according to the options provided.

For the arena used, this game takes place in major cities in the world. Starting from the streets in Madrid, bumpy tracks in Japan, and the typical colors of city streets in Brazil. All you can feel throughout the battle season in the game.

There is good news for you lovers of this racing game, because you can enjoy the modified version of this game. You can also download it at the link that we will share below. There will be several additional features in this Drift Max Pro Mod APK game.

Game Drift Max Pro APK Features

  1. Customization

If you want to appear more exclusive, you can also modify the car to your liking using the various color choices and stickers provided. Keep in mind that the capacity to increase the capacity of a car can be done according to its class.

Starting from class A to E. Class A is the highest class and class E is the lowest class with limited capacity building.

  1. Game Control

This game has easy and flexible game controls. You only need to press the acceleration button on the screen to move forward, the brake button to stop, and right and left to direct the vehicle’s speed according to the trajectory being traversed.

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