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FaceApp is an application that can produce unique photos or images. This application went viral in 2019 until now. Many users use the FaceApp application as a joke or to give funny face effects.

You can also download the FaceApp Pro Mod Apk application to experience all the features in the application for free. In the modified version you have no restrictions on accessing all the features that the FaceApp application offers.

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FaceApp Pro Mod Apk is a popular application that can be used by users to quickly edit their faces to become better. This application provides a variety of effects and features to meet user needs. Such as facial makeup, hair color, to skin texture like a baby.

By using this application, you can change your selfie photos to be better and different from photos without using the FaceApp Pro Mod application. You will also look more handsome and beautiful than before because there are features to instantly beautify your face.

The FaceApp Pro application is equipped with unique and interesting types of features. This feature provides a variety of makeup filters that are very popular for use by a woman. The existence of this filter allows users to have a fun and satisfying makeup experience.

Users can also share edited photos to their social networks via the FaceApp Pro Mod application directly. This allows you to send photos to friends to show strange, beautiful, young or old faces as a joke together.

FaceApp Pro Apk features

  1. Classic Smile Features

This first feature can make your face that looks sullen or silent to smile. The smile that is produced from this application shows a little teeth by adjusting the shape of the face you have. This makes your smile look more sincere and sweet.

  1. Hipster Beard Features

The second feature is to give the user’s face an effect in the form of a typical hipster beard. This beard has a bohemian-like feel which makes the face look younger. This Hipster beard can also be used by women. Surely this makes a woman’s face look like a young man.

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