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Fishing Strike is a sports simulator game that offers players to experience the excitement of fishing. This game has the advantage of presenting graphics that look dynamic and realistic. In addition, you can also feel the natural beauty of the sea with its ecosystem.

You can also buy various interesting and unique items that can be used to improve the player’s performance in fishing. By downloading the Fishing Strike Mod Apk, you can get all these items for free and for free.

Review of Fishing Strike Apk

Fishing Strike Apk is an application to fish on a boat with sea or lake conditions filled with fish of various types and sizes. All of these fish species are present as many as 500 species. You can also use various skills to catch these fish.

Not only many fish species, the Fishing Strike game also provides various kinds of sticks that can be used by players for fishing. Each stick has different abilities and resistance. You can adjust it based on the fish you want to catch.

Fishing Strike Game also has several spots or spots that are great for fishing. If you know the place, you can get a variety of new species of fish. The purpose of this place is so that users can feel the real sensation of fishing.

Fishing Strike Apk Features

Upgrade Equipment

The first feature that you can get in the Fishing Strike Mod Apk game is to upgrade your equipment. This feature is useful for conquering larger fish and so on, such as updating fishing rods, ropes, and hooks.

The higher the level of equipment you have, the easier it is to catch different types of fish. This is because the fishing rod controls are easy for you to control.

Various Marine Ecosystems

In the Fishing Strike game, there are 500 different species of fish. Each of these fish requires a unique bait so you can catch them. Choosing the right bait makes it easier for you to catch the type of fish you want.

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