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Whatsapp is a short message application that has many users. This of course makes Whatsapp a lot modified. One of the Whatsapp Mods developed by Yousef Al Basha is Fouad Whatsapp.

Most of the modified applications aim to improve and optimize the features that the official Whatsapp has. However, often modified applications are not used wisely by its users. Check out the following reviews about the Fouad Whatsapp application.

Fouad Whatsapp Review

Whatsapp is a popular application, so many developers are making modifications, one of which is Fouad Whatsapp. This application was developed to optimize the features available on official Whatsapp.

As an application that cannot be cloned, you must first backup Whatsapp data before installing. If you don’t back up your data first, then you will lose your Whatsapp data.

Fouad is one of the popular applications for the Whatsapp modification category, because you can use all the features without any restrictions. Compared to other modification applications, Fouad is considered more stable when used.

Fouad Whatsapp Application Features

Because this Whatsapp modification application aims to improve the functionality of the original features of the original version, the developers have made improvements and improvements to some of its features. Here are some of the features in the modified application.

  1. More Complete Privacy Features

The first feature offered is a more complete privacy feature. You will get several feature options that you can use in the settings menu. One of them is hiding last seen.

Apart from hiding the last seen time, this application also provides a feature that can uncheck two deliveries. All messages that enter your Whatsapp will display a tick one and not display a tick two as usual.

Apart from that, you can also remove several other statuses such as typing status and recording voice messages. This feature will make your interlocutor not know that you are replying to their message.

Another feature that you can use is the same as the WhatsApp Plus feature, which is to remove online status and the status of having seen the stories of Whatsapp friends. By using this feature in the settings menu, you can remove these two states.

The last privacy feature that you can use is anti-revoke or reading deleted messages for everyone. On official Whatsapp, you can delete messages for everyone, so they can’t be read by the recipient of the message.

With the anti-revoke feature, you can read the deleted messages, so you can find out what the other person sent you. You can read all messages that have been deleted without exception.

  1. Better Security Features

On the official Whatsapp application, there is a security feature that can be used, namely two-step verification. In this feature, there are pin settings and security that only apply to opening the Whatsapp display.

Not only locking and securing the Whatsapp display, you can also lock and secure every chat you do. This application’s security feature is provided with a password, pattern, PIN, and fingerprint.

You can choose one of the methods you want to use for this privacy security feature. Using fingerprints is the most appropriate choice, because that way only you can open Whatsapp chats.

  1. More Themes Usage

On the official Whatsapp version, you can only change the chat room background and face-to-face mode. There are only 2 modes given, namely Dark which focuses on dark mode and Bright which focuses on light mode.

By using this modified application, you can change the theme as well as the Whatsapp background that you are using. To use this theme, you can download it and there are more than 1000 themes that you can choose and use according to your taste.

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