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FF Mod or Free Fire is a game made by Garena International I Private Limited which carries the shooting battle royal genre. You will be placed on an island in the middle of nowhere with 49 other players to beat each other until you are the last to come out alive.

Being The Last Man Standing is of course not easy, because in this game you can die silly anytime if you are not careful. Luckily, now there is a modified version of Free Fire which of course has the ultimate features and will make your game easier.

Using the modified version, it can be said that there is nothing that prohibits it, let alone it is not detrimental to others and just to have fun. Well, below we will discuss the complete modified version of the Free Fire game, its features, as well as how to download and install it.

Review Game FF Mod

Nowadays, the battle royal shooting genre game is mushrooming, competing to compete for popularity and fans. You must have heard of games like PUBG, Apex Legends, Fortnite and so on. Well, Free Fire (FF) is a collection of the games mentioned above.

In contrast to these games, Free Fire is more user-friendly, meaning that this game can be played on mediocre devices. Free Fire is indeed light because you don’t need a flagship smartphone to be able to play it smoothly without a hitch.

Inevitably, this is what makes Free Fire popular with many circles. Because the middle to lower class can still feel playing this booming battle royal shooting game. It must be a concern, even though it is light, Free Fire still promises high quality.

Maybe you already know that in this game you will be sent to an island (which you can choose yourself) with 49 other players to survive to become a winner. You are free to direct the parachute to promising locations or choose the farthest safe place.

As soon as you land, you must immediately boot or look for weapons, armor, equipment and so on. You have to be really fast if you don’t want to be overtaken by other players. Well, once you get a weapon you have to immediately sound while adjusting your combat strategy.

For the next 10 minutes, you are free to do battle action like a real war. You can ambush or aim at enemies from far away, hide behind trees or become invisible by trying to hide in the bushes.

There are several vehicles that you can use to explore a very broad map plus avoid the red zone. You can also brutally hit your enemy to death using this vehicle. In essence, there are many ways players can die in this Free Fire game.

All of the adrenaline-filled thrilling actions above have only one goal, which is to be the last to stay alive. So you can choose, play full of brutal risks or be careful while waiting for the right time to launch an attack.

Game FF Mod Features (Free Fire Mod)

  1. Unlimited Health

The Free Fire mod version provides unlimited health features or unlimited blood / life, aka it can’t be reduced. So you are free to attack the enemy or openly play brutally without fear of being shot and dying.

It’s different from the Playstore version, where you have to play carefully if you don’t want to die silly at the beginning of the game. If you want to restore your health, you also have to use a medical kit that can run out.

  1. Unlimited Diamond and Coin

The next modified version of Free Fire features unlimited diamonds and coins which can be used to unlock skins and characters without having to buy them with real money. So now you are free to buy skins and strong characters and will make it easier to play Free Fire.

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