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Whatsapp is a chat application available on iOS and Android. Maybe it just seems the same. But according to many people, WhatsApp iOS and Android have differences. That’s why many Android users want their WA to be like on iOS.

If you use original WA, it’s definitely not possible. That’s why they need a mod. One mod that provides a WA-like display on iOS is GBWhatsapp iOS. This mod is able to answer the wishes of Android users.

GBWhatsapp iOS review

If you often use mod applications, you should be very familiar with GBWhatsapp. GBWA is a mod that provides many advantages. Starting from providing various themes and many other features.

For this article, we will specifically discuss the GBWA iOS mod. Where by using this mod you can make a WA display on your Android like the WA mod iOS. Why is that so important?

As has been said above, Android users want their WA display to be the same as on iOS. Because on iOS it looks more elegant and even according to many people it is more efficient. Both in memory usage, to the interface.

Features of the GBWhatsapp iOS

New Based

The first feature that GBWA has with this iOS model is the latest WA based. That is, the modification of this mod uses the latest version of WA. So that the appearance will look very similar to WA on the latest version of iOS.

In addition, this latest based has fixed many bugs and errors that previously occurred in WA or in previous applications. In addition, because it is based on the latest WA, some of the latest features of the original WA are also owned by this mod.

Delete Chat

That is, you can still see chats that have been deleted. You must be very annoyed if there are friends or crush who chat but then delete them while you haven’t had time to read them?

If you use GBWA, you can anticipate this. This feature is also called the Anti Revoke feature. So you can keep reading messages that have been deleted. Even when a message is deleted, you can still get a notification from that message.

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