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There are several reasons why a game can be liked by many people. First, trending games, such as MOBA or Battle Royale. Second, games that have a lot of fan base, such as getting over it with bennett foddy.

One of the games that is much liked but quite annoying is Getting Overt it With Bennett Foddy. This game is quite frustrating for the players, some have played the PC version and caused damage.

Finally they became lazy to play it again. In fact, this game doesn’t have a lot of storylines and simple controls. However, for those who are impatient, of course it can be difficult.

This game was first released in 2017 and was immediately played by many people. From here, the Android version finally appears and can be purchased directly on the Playstore before use.

Review Game Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

  1. Gameplay

In general, the gameplay of this game is very simple, that is, it just goes up and down to its final destination. Unfortunately the characters here are quite difficult to move, especially since they don’t have legs.

The lower part of the body enters the cauldron, so that the function of climbing cannot be carried out except jumping. If while climbing the character falls, then you have to repeat what you did from the beginning.

So, chances are that at some stage players will keep repeating the same thing until they are bored or frustrated.

  1. Graphics

Nothing too special about the graphics that this game has. The picture is 2D and not HD. This game cannot be compared to the interesting contemporary games.

The most emphasized thing by the developer is how players can be patient and arrange strategies so they can go up and down to the finish.

However, not all cellphones can use it, especially older types of Android whose development has stopped.

If you want to play comfortably with good enough graphics, it is recommended to use a cellphone with at least Android OS version 5 or Lollipop.

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy Application Features Free

  1. Attractive BGM

One word that this game deserves is annoying. Moreover, the provision of music which aims to provide motivation.

With playing conditions that require concentration and you are given soothing music, not calm, it gets even more annoyed.

At first glance this feature is like normal, but it can increase annoyance. One of the tricks for players who don’t want to feel annoyed is to turn off the sound on the cellphone.

So, you can more relaxedly face obstacles that are getting more mountainous and difficult.

  1. Interspersed with Motivation

If the music can be turned off, so you don’t feel disturbed. However, motivational words that come out often make you feel more annoyed.

Once you fall, the motivational word for patience will appear and make everyone unable to control their emotions.

This game is seen from the outside as if nothing is too dangerous and tends to provide motivation.

However, behind all that, this game actually causes a lot of problems and can be categorized as a psychological game that is horror enough to run. Dare to try?

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