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Console game lovers may still remember the game GTA San Andreas which was very famous in its time. Initially, the game was only available for the Playstation 2. However, due to growing interest from fans, GTA SA can be played freely.

Currently you can find GTA SA games for smartphone devices. Maybe you also think that the size of this game will be enormous. But take it easy now that you have GTA SA Lite which you can play on any smartphone.

Even though it’s the Lite or light version, you can still feel the atmosphere of a very exciting adventure like in the original version.

GTA SA Lite review

This well-known game has a background story, namely a street child by the name of Carlos CJ Johnson. Told his mother died and he had just attended his funeral. Problems arise when he tries to find out who caused his mother’s death.

Even though it is the Lite version, you will still play in a very exciting adventure style. You can search for all the vehicles you want, beat up people to be chased by the police and so on. There are no significant changes from the original version.

Several missions are also available for those of you who want to not get bored quickly playing this Rockstar North game. Multiple missions will make the game very challenging. Because it’s not just traveling and acting criminals.

You can still use several other functions such as cheats in this game. Of course, it will make playing GTA SA Lite more exciting and exciting.

Moreover, you also don’t need very high smartphone specifications if you want to play this adventure game. In the original version, the game file size can be up to 2 GB. Then game processing will also not be good if the specs are not high.

Because in GTA SA Lite, you only need less than Gigabyte of storage. Besides that, you can also operate it on a smartphone with low specifications.

GTA SA Lite features

  1. Does Not Require Large Storage

The main feature that GTA SA Lite really deserves is the very little storage it takes. If you compare it to GTA SA Original, the differences will be very clear.

When playing the original version, you need at least 2 GB of storage. But if you use the lite version, only 100 MB and a maximum of 1 GB. This feature is very helpful for those of you who have Android with limited storage.

  1. Cloud Save feature

Even though it’s a lite version, GTA SA Lite is still able to provide game saving features. The Cloud Save feature allows you to save game progress or missions that you have previously run. All saved game history will not be lost.

So you don’t have to worry about repeating the mission all over again. Make sure if you have other activities, you have saved the mission progress from GTA SA. So that next time you can continue the progress again.

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