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GTA V or Grand Theft Auto V is a game made by Rockstar Games which is the latest game from the GTA franchise. At first this game was only available for the Playstation and Xbox consoles, but now there is a GTA V Indonesian mod that can be played on Android.

This is great news for those of you who haven’t been able to play this cool game on PS or Xbox consoles. Now you can play the popular game Grand Theft Auto V which has stunning graphics and cool gameplay only armed with an Android smartphone.

Thanks to the creativity of modders, GTA V was modified in such a way that it became lite and could be played on the usual Android specifications. So you don’t need a flagship cellphone to play this cool game. For more details about the modification of Grand Theft Auto V, just take a look at the reviews below.

GTA V APK Review

The Grand Theft Auto game franchise made by Rockstar Games has never disappointed the public. This game series always reaps success every time it is released for various platforms such as Playstation and Xbox. No wonder many gamers love this open world game.

Actually, GTA V is not yet available for the Android version because of its large size and graphic quality that is not supported by smartphones. The good news is, there have been many versions of GTA V that have been modified to lite so that they can be played on Android devices smoothly.

This is a breath of fresh air, especially for those of you who really want to play it but don’t have a PS4 and Xbox One console. You don’t need to worry, even though it’s only in the lite version, GTA V for Android has gameplay, story and graphics similar to the PS and Xbox console versions.

GTA V is an open world game that tells the story of 3 protagonists named Franklin, Trevor and Michael. They are involved in criminal acts that are full of robbery, drug trafficking, gunfire and other brutal things.

Apart from having to deal with opposing gangsters, the three plays also have to face the persistence of the police who want to thwart their action. Of course, you will be treated to brutal and criminal actions that challenge and stimulate adrenaline.

Throughout the game, you can control the three protagonists according to the mission you get. You can also teleport, aka move from place to place in the game to another place according to the character’s last position.

The three figures will also be able to contact each other because of smartphones. You are free to upgrade the three characters so that you have increasing skills. If your character has been upgraded, it will be easier for you to complete missions to get rewards.

GTA V APK features

  1. Support the majority of the Android OS

One of the main advantages and features of this modified GTA 5 is its full support for the majority of the Android OS. This game can be played smoothly at least on the Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above. The RAM of the smartphone should be at least 1 GB and better if the RAM is 2 GB.

This is good news, especially for GTA V fans who can’t play it on consoles. Only armed with an Android smartphone, you can play this popular and amazing game smoothly without a hitch.

  1. Realistic graphics

GPUs or graphics cards for the majority of smartphones ranging from Android Ice Cream Sandwich and above can guarantee amazing GTA graphics quality. So even though it is only played on smartphones, the graphics quality of GTA V will be similar to the graphics displayed on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Besides that, in this mod game, there are also types of cars in Indonesia that you usually encounter.

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