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Games with the criminal genre are very easy to find on Android phones. One of the games that is in great demand is the GTA or Grand Theft Auto games, especially the games in the GTA Vice City Mod apk version.

This game will invite you to do various challenging and eccentric missions. Some are asked to steal, beat, or meet someone.

One version that many people like is GTA Vice City Mod. This game is considered a development of the classic version. The mission of this version of the game is more structured, so that ordinary people can still play it.

Game Review GTA Vice City

  1. Gameplay

The gameplay of the classic GTA VC is the same as the PS version. You will be given a mission to come to a predetermined place.

The place can be seen from the map. After arriving at the location on the map, the footage will appear like a flashback. Then you can carry out missions. As is the case with GTA games, the missions to be done are very challenging.

Apart from the possibility of fighting with other characters, the police who are the antagonists in this game will also catch up. The point is the chase will continue until the mission is complete and you get a prize.

  1. Graphics

The graphics of this game are quite good and are HD for the mobile version. The size is also quite large, namely 1.5 GB.

With graphics like this, the cellphone that can be used to open this game must have at least 2 GB of RAM to avoid problems with its appearance.

The version of Android that is used is also recommended for the Lollipop version and above so as not to trigger a crash, which can result in the application closing by itself.

GTA Vice City Mod Application Features Free

  1. Unlimited Money and Other Features

One of the advantages of the free modified version when compared to the original version is that there is no limit on money. In the original game, you can get new money if you do missions many time.

The modified version is not the case, so you can get an unlimited amount of money.

You can also do anything, including shopping freely. All of the existing weapons are also open, so that when going on an adventure can be more exciting.

  1. Improved and Manageable Graphics

When it was first released, the graphics of this game were the same as the PS version. However, along with the increasing number of gamers who want to be nostalgic, graphics are made more perfect with lots of details, from colors to shadows.

If you feel the cellphone used for playing often chokes, try adjusting the graphics. This setting allows you to be comfortable playing according to the condition of the cellphone.

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