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The presence of the internet in society makes it easier for all of us to access information as desired. Unfortunately, some sites are deemed by the government or authorities to violate the rules. Finally, the blocking was carried out so that internet access from various service providers was limited.

This condition certainly causes some people to feel annoyed considering that blocked sites do not only contain adult content. Some sites that are actually safe are also blocked, so inevitably we all have to find ways to break them. If you want to open various sites freely on Android, it is advisable to use HTTP Injector.

Applications that can be used for free or paid for will not only make surfing in cyberspace easy. In fact, there is also a feature to create a private network so that the data that is owned or the data traffic that is being carried out is safe. You can see complete information about HTTP Injector below.

HTTP Injector Application Review

The existence of restrictions on some sites or applications that cannot be opened does have two effects. For those with children and want to be limited in what is exposed, restrictions are a solution. However, if they want to open a certain site for work, the restrictions will make it difficult for them.

The solution to all of these problems is to use third-party applications that can open and close connections as needed. Well, one application that is capable of doing that is HTTP Injector.

  1. Ability

In terms of ability, this application deserves to be taken into account. Moreover, it can be used to open anything or close it again as needed. Applications can be installed on all cellphones so that there are no annoying restrictions including restrictions on internet connections according to time zones.

This application can also use a fairly secure system without having to use an SSH account first. In short, just using this application you can do many things instantly. Disturbances such as various blocks will not happen again as long as the application is active.

  1. Interface Design

The thing that is quite unfortunate about the interface design of this application is that it is complicated for people who are still laymen. At first glance, chances are you will be confused. Moreover, there are so many terms that are quite unfamiliar to ordinary people and need to be studied again to understand them.

The interface design should be made more attractive and simple so that operations are not confusing. When you connect to the network, there are two choices: manual or automatic. If you don’t want to get confused, automatic selection is highly recommended.

  1. Price of the Pro Version

This application to bypass is free and can be used once the download and installation is complete. However, the free version contains quite a lot of ads, especially when taking action on the application.

If you don’t want to be bothered by ads and can use all its premium features freely, the pro version is highly recommended. The pro version costs less than USD3 or IDR40,000. With many and complete features, the price is very reasonable.

Modified HTTP Injector Pro Application Features

Before using a modified type of application or want to buy the pro version offered, first consider some of its features below.

  1. Payload

Although it doesn’t always work, by using an injector application, you can use the internet for free from the operator. This means that the main quota will not be used and the internet will be more comfortable and easier. Remember, not all operators are impenetrable, although they can usually get stuck after a bug is fixed.

  1. Debug Mode

You will see the data that occurs in internet connection traffic. How much data is used will be seen. This feature is suitable for those of you who have limited connections, so savings must be made.

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