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InShot Pro is a video editor and video maker application developed by InShot Inc. This video editing application is very popular among Android users and has been downloaded more than 100 million times. This application is indeed one of the best video editor applications on the Google Playstore.

Thanks to the InShot application, now you can easily edit videos on your smartphone without having to use the application on a PC or desktop. The smartphone that can be used also doesn’t have to be a flagship type, InShot also works on Android Jelly Bean with normal specifications.

Like many applications on the Playstore, of course they offer premium features that can be purchased in real currency. The good news is, now there is InShot which has been modified and is free, so you don’t have to spend a penny to use its premium features.

InShot Pro Application Review

InShot Video Editor & Video Maker comes to bring the convenience of video editing that is enough only using a smartphone device. The development of technology has indeed provided many conveniences, including making videos and editing them without the need for a PC / desktop.

The videos you see on various social media platforms or video player websites have undergone a long editing process. In fact, of course a lot of behind-the-scenes creativity was poured into the video.

Well, the ripe video is there thanks to this InShot video editing application. Through this application, you can make ordinary videos so interesting by adding various effects such as music, text, gifs, images to combine them with other videos.

The absence of a watermark is also the main advantage of this pro version, where the videos you create and edit are free of watermarks from InShot. This means that this is great for you professionals who want to introduce your branding and copyright.

There are many standard features and tools for editing videos that you can use from the InShot application. This means that you are free to be creative, spawning your work through editing tools and various features that will certainly make your work easier.

In this application, of course, there are several items and features that you can purchase to enjoy. Even so, you can still use other methods that are free, namely by downloading the InShot Mod APK, aka the modified InShot application, like the Alight Motion Pro application that we shared earlier.

InShot Pro Application Features

  1. Ad-free

The pro version of InShot offers easy and complete features and video editing tools without the interruption of advertisements. Developers also need money, so it’s very natural that some ads sometimes appear suddenly which of course interfere with your creative process in editing videos.

The good news is that through the pro version of InShot, you can freely edit and make videos without having to be bothered by the appearance of advertisements. So you can produce interesting videos with quality content because there are no distractions to interrupt.

  1. Without a watermark

Another important feature that the pro version of InShot has is watermark-free on the videos that you edit and create. The watermark serves as a marker that the edited video is the property of the one that gave the watermark, in this case InShot.

Well, in the pro version of the InShot application you can remove the watermark, so the video you edit can be recognized as yours. This is also useful for avoiding piracy because now many people are pirating other people’s videos without permission and commercializing them.

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