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A file cleaner application on Android is a must have. Especially now that there are many applications that are intended for Android (both on the Play Store and outside the Play Store). Coupled with the bigger smartphone memory, there will be no obstacles for you to install many apps.

Without you knowing it, each application will actually insert several files as long as it is used. These files must be cleaned regularly using a cleaner application such as AVG Cleaner Pro APK.

Review of AVG Cleaner Apk

Android owners will judge the ability of the AVG application to clean the device with just a few clicks. Often times, you install several new applications just to try

Now, let’s talk about junk files. Often times, you install several new applications just to try. And you also save or do many things with the application. Did you know that this can eat up our memory and RAM?

After it turns out that the application is not good, you uninstall it. However, here’s what to know: the majority of apps create junk, cache files, which don’t disappear after uninstalling. At this point, AVG Cleaner is very useful.

Using software such as AVG Cleaner, you can:

  • Clean cache folder
  • Delete all junk files
  • Delete browser history
  • Delete Phone Logs
  • Delete your social media app search history

AVG Cleaner Pro APK features

  1. Customized Cleaning

The Customized Cleaning feature of AVG Pro version is a feature that allows you to delete junk files only in certain folders. That way, you don’t have to worry about AVG deleting files that you actually saved on purpose.

You can also manage the types of junk files that will be deleted. For now, AVG provides several file options which are considered as junk files such as cache files, temporary files, autosaved files, multimedia files. Well, you can choose which files will be cleaned automatically among the files.

  1. More Junk File Database

In the free or original version, AVG is not programmed with extensive junk file data. As a result, there are many junk files which AVG Cleaner is unable to detect. This leads to a lack of optimization for the operating speed of your smartphone.

However, in the Pro Version, you will see that AVG Cleaner has provided “additional knowledge”. As a result, more files will be filtered and deleted. Your smartphone will eventually become smoother in use.

This Junk File Database will also be continuously updated. The good thing is using AVG Cleaner pro version, you don’t need to update the junk file database yourself. AVG will automatically update itself with the junk file database. Usually this update automatically occurs every 3 months.

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