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There are many streaming applications and are very mushrooming nowadays. Previously the only streaming application was Youtube. Everyone will open the website or application to listen to various types of music or videos until satisfied. Furthermore, similar websites have also appeared such as SoundCloud which actually focuses more on broadcasts or podcasts.

As music sales both digitally and officially increase, streaming platforms are becoming increasingly unstoppable. One such application is the Joox VIP APK which offers tons of music from around the world legally. This means that you don’t need to download on a file hosting website which actually violates copyright.

Joox also has quite a lot of interesting things for everyone to take advantage of. In short, by using Joox, your entertainment will never run out. Once there is a new song from an artist you like, you can check it right there. Well, for those of you who don’t know what’s great about this application, see the Joox VIP APK review below.

Review of the Joox VIP APK application

Music streaming applications that exist today generally bring many interesting features to their users, and Joox is no exception. This application developed by Tencent offers a lot of convenience in its use and provides a new experience in listening to music.

Joox VIP APK Application Features

The Joox app has pretty much the same features as the original version. Well, what are the excellent features that you will get, see the review below.

  1. Access to Millions of Songs

Access to millions of songs around the world from local Indonesia to music from many countries. There are lots of music or songs and there are no restrictions at all. This means that the latest music from famous articles can be enjoyed right away if you use the VIP version.

This access is not only in the form of streaming. If you have many quota restrictions and don’t want to keep downloading, just use the offline feature. Once you find music you like, you can download the offline version and listen to it anytime.

  1. Best Radio Recommendations

Not only music, Joox also provides well-known radio broadcasts or digital radio. All broadcasts can be heard in recorded form or online. There are at least about 50 radios with the best broadcast quality that can be listened to.

  1. Playlists and Lyrics

By default there will be lots of playlists according to category. So you can listen according to your needs. The lyrics are also there so you can sing along from the text that appears.

If you feel that the playlist there is not what you want, the manual playlist creation feature can be used. So, take any song you want and put it in a playlist.

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