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There are many types of simulation games that are present on Android phones. There are simulations about raising livestock or magical animals such as dragons. This simulation will usually be accompanied by crossing, feeding, until they become adults. Furthermore, there is a simulation game about the house and its decorations. This game will require players to play their creativity for maximum design results.

Another simulation game that is widely used by developers is a war simulation like FPS which is also selling well. Last but not least is the fishing simulation game. There is one game called Fishing Hook Mod APK which provides a great experience. This game requires players to be patient in fishing until they get big fish.

This game is indeed a simulation for fishing, but the design is very unique and very similar to the real world. The fish caught have the same scale, varying strength, until the scenery is a very beautiful fishing background. In short, this game will be a welcome relief for those of you who haven’t used hook and fishing rod for a long time.

Review Game Fishing hook Mod APK


Simulation games of any kind usually have simple gameplay. Not too many and detailed like RPG type games. However, that does not mean it is easy to run. This game has a fairly large level of difficulty along with increasing levels and the types of fish caught.

You will not only be pulling the fishing line quickly so that it hits the fish and is lifted. There are several things that players must pay attention to. When playing, the moment of pull must be right so that the tool used must be strong. If this is not fulfilled, the chances of successfully getting the fish according to your wish or mission are small.

The game will also be complex because players will not only look for fish. He also has to upgrade the hook and fishing rod used to make it better and collect lots of accessories. Usually, each fish to be hooked has its own specifications so that meeting these requirements will increase the chances of catching it.

Graphics and Phone Specifications

The graphics that are owned by this game application are quite good and interesting. The fish design that will be captured is realistic even though there is an animation component. The backgrounds used are beautiful and real. The hook and fishing rod design is also unique. In short, there is no problem at all graphically, it can even be said to be perfect.

Features Game Hook Fishing Mod APK

Unlimited Money and Free

There are two important things that a fishing hook player must have. The first is patience, because after all this game is a fishing simulation. Everything related to fishing is here. The second is a lot of money so that the equipment can be better and can buy whatever you want.

Especially the second one, you can get it all by playing the mod version. This means that you don’t have to bother to earn money in the game. When installing the application, you get a lot of money so you just need to use it as needed.

Played Offline

The modded version of the application can be played in offline mode. This means that you don’t need to use an internet connection which sometimes drains your quota and battery. This game can be taken anywhere even in areas where there is no signal at all.

Besides being able to be played online, this application can also be played anywhere. Not only gadgets in the form of cellphones, but also very large tablets.

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