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There are many types of RPG or role playing games. These games generally have fairly complex gameplay and each character has different skills or roles. There are characters who function as attackers or DPS, some become tanks to receive attacks in front, and healers for support.

One game that has a game system like this is the Knighthood Mod APK. This game allows players to set strategies to fight enemies who are usually monsters. If the strategy is bad, the monsters will be hard to beat. In fact, all the characters owned by the player will die so strong.

Knighthood is somewhat different from other types of RPG games that carry an open world concept. This game is a bit semi casual, so players will enter a certain stage and defeat their opponent. If you like to play RPG theme games to collect various weapons, see the reviews below.

Review Game Knighthood APK

  1. Gameplay

The way to play this game at first glance is quite simple. The knights or heroes must fight with limitations for the sake of victory. On his journey he also had to collect many legendary heroes to come play with him. Furthermore, players must also collect items or relics that increase their strength.

The more often you carry out missions, the stronger the characters you have. Unfortunately to get to that stage a very uphill struggle must be done perfectly. There are many things that must be done in order to defeat all the enemies that appear on each stage.

  1. Graphics

The hallmark of an RPG game that is liked by many people is its very good graphics. This can be seen from the presence or absence of a 3D component down to the details possessed by the characters and the weapons they use. In the Knighthood Mod APK game, the things previously mentioned are almost all there.

This game has graphics that can be said to be very good. All the details are clearly visible and there is semi-3D though not much. The animation effect is also quite interesting so that it attracts players’ attention to use it.

The graphics are quite good and have a rather large file size making this game not compatible with internal memory and RAM is too small. The most suitable and usable ones are phones with at least 2 GB of RAM and have 2-3 GB of memory left.

Knighthood APK Game Features

  1. Ease of Buying Various Items

RPG type games have several things that must be considered if you want to always be or be in the top position. First is a very mature strategy. The second is to have very many items, rare types and contribute a lot of strength.

If you want to get the second one, of course you need a lot of money. The modified version is the version that makes you get a lot of money once installed. So, want to buy or do anything can be done easily.

  1. Play PvP

The goal of increasing strength by buying and collecting certain items is to successfully complete all missions with ease. Apart from that there is another thing that RPG players will do and love the most: being able to play PvP with other players.

PvP will show how great a character you have. Moreover, that character can rank at the top of the leaderboard. Everyone will see and acknowledge greatness.

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