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In general, there are two types of games on Android phones. First, games that are original or really made from the start to be used as games. The second is a game that originally came from a film or series. This second type is usually interesting because it has its own storyline and the characters played are very familiar.

There are tons of games that started out as films or series. We take a simple example, the Naruto Shippuden series. This anime-inspired game has been made and is quite a hit. Next up is a cute cartoon produced by South Korea. This funny animation turned out to be a game called Larva Heroes Mod APK.

Review Game Larva Heroes APK

  1. Gameplay

The game system that this larva game has is to enter the dungeon and win it. There are at least 360 stages that have increasing difficulty. Each stage will contain 3 parts and at the end there is a boss who has enormous power.

The mission of each larva and its friend here is to fight all the enemies until they run out. Next, you have to go to the highest level as quickly as possible. Unfortunately each step has a boss so strong that the larva character must be leveled up to the highest.

There is also a mini game in this game to get special items such as fortune cookies. In addition there is a pet system that will also provide strength or buff to the main character. Both of them will help each other in fighting the enemy and collect various drops.

  1. Graphics and HP Specifications

In general, the graphics of this larva game are quite good even though they are relatively ordinary. No 3D effects and more. However, this game is still interesting to play, considering the animation effects in it are quite unique and similar in the series.

With graphics that are not too HD and adventurous, almost any cellphone can be used to play them. Old school phones with Android 4.4 types can also be used to open them. However, it would be better to use Android Lollipop and RAM which is used above 1 GB.

Larva Heroes Mod APK features

  1. Abundant Currency

Because playing a modified version, what is in the game, especially in terms of currency or currency will be unlimited. This means that once you play, you already have a lot of currency used in the game. You don’t need to bother looking for various money or candy that can be used to buy anything.

  1. Endless Levels

The level offered is not half-hearted. There are around 360 and will always increase over time. This level will determine how strong the team you have at that time and the strategy you play.

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