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Last Day on Earth Mod APK is a survival shooter game developed by Kefir. This game takes place in a time when the world experienced the greatest disaster in 2027.

That is when the world is attacked by an infection that has almost destroyed the entire human population. It doesn’t stop there, the victims who died became infected into zombies and started attacking the survivors.

Well, in this game you will be one of the survivors who are fighting to survive the attacks of zombies and wild animals in a vast open world.

So far, Last Day on Earth has been downloaded by more than 50 million Android users and is one of the best zombie survival games.

Review of Last Day on Eart Mod APK

Last Day on Earth is a survival game where you are free to do anything so you can survive zombie attacks.

After the world was infected, the people who died turned into zombies and began to take over the streets attacking the survivors. As a survivor, your only task is to survive as long as possible.

You have to start building shelters with the strongest materials possible and fortify them with traps so they don’t get damaged when zombies start to attack.

You also have to fortify yourself with weapons that you can make yourself, from blunt weapons, sharp weapons to firearms.

You can farm materials for making these weapons in locations scattered throughout the game.

Having a good weapon is not enough, because you can’t just die from zombies. In this world full of limitations, you will often die from thirst and hunger.

For that, make sure there is always enough food and drink stock so you can live much longer. Playing this game does require patience, because to become a professional player certainly takes time.

Last Day on Earth Mod APK features

  1. Unlimited Coins

The Last Day on Earth mod version of the first feature is unlimited coins, aka an unlimited number of coins are available.

With these unlimited coins, you can freely spend them to recharge your energy, buy in-game items and much more.

  1. God Mode / Unlimited Health

In this modified version, you are free to explore the red zones without fear of dying because you are in god mode, aka unlimited health.

So even if you are hit by a severe zombie attack, you will still survive without having to use a medical kit.

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