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Life After Mod APK is a survival RPG game developed by NetEase Games, a popular game developer from China. Life After tells of human battles against zombies in a world that has been infected with the plague / virus.

In Life After, the world you know has been lost and replaced by a destroyed world filled with infected people aka zombies. You have to survive against zombies, natural violence and hunger so that the human race can still be saved.

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Life After is a survival RPG game where you can explore a vast open world and see beautiful and terrifying nature. You must defend against the ferocity of nature as well as zombie attacks that can attack you at any time.

Life Afer isn’t all about warfare against zombies. In this world that has changed, you also have to survive against hunger and thirst. Therefore, you must have a safe shelter and sufficient stock of food and drinks.

So you can imagine for yourself, fighting zombies is quite difficult, especially with the ferocity of nature and hunger that also continues to lurk. These things make Life After a challenging zombie game and different from other games.

Besides being able to play solo in single mode, you can also play multiplayer with other survivors. You are not alone in this cruel world, because you can interact with other players via the internet and together fight to save the threatened human race.

In multiplayer mode, you can fight against powerful bosses with other players. You can also create a guild that contains several survivors and build shelters that are safe from zombie attacks. By fighting together, the human race is not impossible to save.

Life After APK features

  1. Unlimited Gold

The main feature of Life After modification is unlimited gold, aka the endless source of gold. This feature is very loved by gamers, because with unlimited gold, you can do anything in the game freely and for free.

With unlimited gold facilities, you can upgrade, buy many items, speed up the process and much more. In essence, this feature will make it easier for you to play Life After so that your progress will be faster and your character will be stronger.

  1. God Mode / Unlimited Lives

In the Life After game, your character will lose health or life, either due to zombie attacks, natural violence or hunger. Gradually your character will die if you don’t immediately use a medical kit or bandage.

The good news is, in the modified version of Life After, there is an unlimited lives feature, aka god mode. Through this feature, you will feel safe and free to take action without fear of dying because your character is not susceptible to being attacked by zombies or hunger.

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