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With an increasing visual trend, developers are competing to make photo editing applications of the highest quality. One of them is the Lightroom application. However, due to feature limitations in Lightroom, many third parties have developed a modified version, namely Lightroom Mod.

Various photo editing applications on the Android system, try to modify the features of the photo editing applications available on PC. Some of them also have better features than photo editing applications on PC.

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Lightroom is an application developed by the Adobe Photoshop developer designed for photographers to edit and process photos. Some of the features in this application have some similarities with the features in Photoshop.

The main difference between this application and Photoshop is that the Lightroom application can be used on the Android system. Not only that, this application is also very compatible, so that everyone can use the application.

Using the Lightroom application will of course make your shots better, even though the camera specifications used are inadequate. By maximizing the photo processing process using effects from Lightroom, it will certainly make your photos more beautiful.

This application is also easy to use, because you don’t need a PC to edit photos. Simply using a cellphone, you can make a photo with high artistic value.

This application has several versions, namely the original and modified. Both types of Lightroom applications have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, for those of you who want to maximize Lightroom’s features, you must use the Lightroom Mod.

Lightroom Mod features

The mod / pro application has several advantages, namely the addition of effects and its free use. Apart from these two features, there are many other features that you can use that are found in the modified version of Lightroom.

  1. No Ads During The Application

In the original version of the Lightroom application, you will see an ad that plays while running the application or in the middle of the editing process. You can remove all of these ads if you use a premium account.

However, by using modified Lightroom, ads will not appear even if you are not a premium account user. That way, you will not be bothered by the appearance of advertisements during the editing process to export the edited photos.

  1. Free Presets on Premium Presets

On the official Lightroom, you’ll need to make a purchase to use some of the premium presets. However, in the modified application, you can use all premium presets without making a purchase first or for free.

You can use all presets freely and for free, so that the photo processing process becomes nicer and more satisfying. Besides that, you can also make modifications to the preset that you have chosen by adjusting the contrast and other filters.

If you are not interested in using premium presets, you can search the internet for information about preset values. After getting the preset value that you want, you can apply that value and see how it matches the photo you edited.

  1. More Additional Effects

The official Lightroom app has tons of built-in presets and effects. However, if you want more and more varied additional effects, you can use a modified version of the Lightroom application.

In the modified Lightroom, there are several additions to new effects that are not in the original version. This allows you to enrich the photo editing process with additional effects that have been embedded, so that the results are more artistic and interesting.

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