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The number of simulation games developed on Android devices such as Bus Simulator Indonesia has attracted the interest of gamers. This popularity is shown by the many downloads of Bus Simulator Indonesia with various additional Livery Bussid themes.

Bus Simulator Indonesia will invite you to become a bus driver who completes various missions through the streets of the city. The experience of being a bus driver will provide a very enjoyable playing experience.

Livery Bussid Review

Bus Simulator Indonesia is one of the simulation games that requires a lot of patience and playing time to improve and complete various missions. As time goes by, the players will get bored with the appearance of the bus that is always the same.

To increase the interest of the players, there are several Livery Bussid themes that have been developed by the developers. The development of this game aims to improve the playing experience, from modification to the appearance of buses like in Indonesia.

You have to download various themes from local companies if you want to make modifications to the livery or skin of the bus you are driving. On the internet, there are many downloads that you can use according to the theme you want.

Pro Application Features

Multiple Sided Preview

The first feature that you can use is a preview of the vehicle from various sides. Maintaining the quality of the design from all sides is very important, especially to know the parts that are not affordable and do not have the touch.

This feature can help you to see the whole of the vehicle you are designing from the front, rear, side, top and bottom. To use this feature is also relatively easy, so you can focus on the details.

To use this feature, you can rotate the camera or use a preview of the 4 images that have been given. You can pay attention to all the parts that you have seen in detail, including changes to the theme you are currently using.

Safe and Legal

One of the best features of the mod / pro application is the security level of the mod application. The mod / pro application has been developed in detail and is safe to use on the Android phone you have.

In addition, another advantage is that the mod used is legal. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that the account you use to play will be blocked. All mods created have been recognized and have official status.

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