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Mi PC Suite is a Windows software developed and dedicated by Xiaomi for their smartphone users.

This software has many features and uses, especially regarding the ease of connection between a PC and a Xiaomi brand smartphone. It is a must for Xiaomi users to install this software on their PC.

In essence, you can use this software to synchronize between your smartphone and PC, so you don’t need to use data cables or other types of wire.

Unfortunately, this software is not yet available for the Macintosh operating system, even though the OS users are no less.

Immediately, below we will explain in detail the ins and outs of Mi PC Suite, its features and how to install it.

Mi PC Suite review

For Xiaomi brand smartphone users, this software is familiar, especially since this application is specially designed, and has many functions and benefits.

Amazingly, almost all old or latest Xiaomi smartphone series can be compatible with this software.

Broadly speaking, the main purpose of developing this software is to make it easier for users to make repairs, if there are problems with Xiaomi smartphones.

This is because of several things, you may need to flash your smartphone, which can be done using this software.

So you don’t have to rush to a repairman, if something bad happens with a Xiaomi smartphone.

You only need to install this application, then synchronize between PC and smartphone, then do a few clicks for flashing until it returns to normal.

Besides being able to be used to flash a smartphone independently, this software also has many other features that are no less good. These features and uses include a file manager, data transfer, backup and recovery and so on.

Mi PC Suite can indeed be relied on to connect Xiaomi smartphones and PCs compared to similar applications. The good news is, this application is free and you can download it easily from the official Xiaomi website.

But you need to pay attention, some PCs cannot directly connect to smartphones. You don’t need to worry if this happens, the solution is you just have to download another version that can be compatible with your PC.

So far there are two popular versions, version 3.0 and 2.20. The two versions of this software are often compatible with the majority of PCs out there. So, if you want to download this software, then look for the two versions first.

At the start of its release, the software was only available in Chinese, before coming in a more understandable English version.

Of course, this will make it easier for you to perform several commands such as flashing, data transfer, backup, restore and so on.

Mi PC Suite Key Features

  1. File Manager

This software can be used as a file manager. You can manage files on your smartphone easily on a PC.

This software is arguably very practical because it is wireless, so you don’t have to bother connecting the two devices with data cables and the like.

Once the two Xiaomi devices and PC are synchronized, then you have absolute authority to manage the Xiaomi smartphone files.

You can easily open, delete, and move all files on your smartphone via a PC.

  1. Flash Mi Device

The next excellent feature of this software is to flash Xiaomi devices.

You need to know, flashing is the process of reinstalling ROM, OS and software on Xiaomi smartphones, in case of problems such as bootloops and other errors.

After you flash, all the elements in the Xiaomi device, especially the software, will be like new.

In this case, you can also upgrade the smartphone OS to the latest version, or just want to downgrade to a lower OS version.

You could say that this software is the safest tool for flashing, especially for Xiaomi users.

So, now you don’t need to worry anymore if there is a problem with your smartphone. You just need to flash it independently without having to service it.

To do a safe and 100% successful flashing of a Xiaomi smartphone, make sure the battery is in the 50% range.

If so, then you just have to open this software and select the “Flash” button. When the flashing process is complete, reboot and the device will return to normal.

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