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Monster Hunter Stories APK is an RPG game developed by CAPCOM CO., LTD. At first this game was very popular and reaped a lot of success on the Nintendo 3Ds, therefore there is no reason for developers not to release Android or iOS versions.

Monster Hunter Stories is also the only Monster Hunter game series available for smartphones. This game is first released in Japanese, so it will be difficult to understand. The good news is that there is now a new version that uses English.

This game is a premium game, so you have to pay around Rp.235,000 to be able to play it. You don’t need to worry, below we will share the download link for the free APK file along with a review of the features of the Monster Hunter Stories mod that will benefit you.

Review Monster Hunter Stories APK

Monster Hunter Stories tells the story of The Village of Riders who really hates monsters. They were hostile to these monsters for decades and have never made peace, until there came a time when one of the residents violated these rules.

In this game, you will act as The Hero, who finds a dragon egg and hatches it and then takes it to the village. The baby dragon is named Rathalon who is also known as The King of the Sky.

A few days later, many monsters were infected by The Black Blight which made them angry and attacked and destroyed the village. As Monster Rider, it’s your job to track them down and defeat them.

Monster Hunter Stories is almost the same as the Pokemon game, where you can fight monsters to catch them and make friends. Before becoming a strong friend, you must train these monsters to be reliable in battles against other monsters.

Lots of different places and locations that you can find in Monster Hunter Stories. You can explore many caves to steal monster eggs or immediately search for adult monsters and challenge them in a battle with the RPG system.

When you enter battle mode, you and the monsters you are riding will take turns attacking your enemy. You can use 4 weapons such as a sword, shield, sledgehammer and dragon horn. You can also issue special monster moves if you have them.

Monster Hunter Stories APK features


The main feature of this Monster Hunter Stories APK is that you can get it for free without spending a penny. You only need to prepare enough internet data because the download size is quite large.

Even though it’s free, there is no significant difference between the official version and the mod version, so you can still enjoy the same gameplay and graphics as the original. This is of course better than having to pay Rp.235,000.

Unlimited Money

The next beneficial feature of the Monster Hunter Stories mod APK is unlimited money, which will be added automatically once you open the game for the first time. So with unlimited source money, you can do anything to speed up your progress.

There is much you can do if you have an endless source of money. For example, buying the strongest skills, upgrading players and monsters to the maximum, speeding up the process and much more. In essence, with a large source of money, you will not be defeated.

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