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For some people, playing games is a way to fill and spend free time. Many games have been developed, not only on PC but on mobile as well. Some games are adapted from anime series such as Naruto Senki.

For fans of the Naruto series, it’s a shame if you don’t download this one game. This game gives an impression and experience like the one in the Naruto series. To improve the playing experience, this Naruto game has been modified by several developers.

Naruto Senki Review

Naruto is an anime series that has many fans. This series was appointed as a game that can be used on Android devices under the name Naruto Senki. The game has several game modes. The most famous mode is 1 on 1 combat.

There are many heroes that can be used by players from various ninja villages. To use a hero, you can make a combination of 3 moves to attack the enemy. You can buy all the heroes and their abilities on the menu available in this game.

The limitations in purchasing this character have made many developers try to improve the available features, namely by creating a modified version. You will find some differences between the modified version and the original version.

This game features good HD image quality, so you won’t be bothered by how it looks during the game. In addition, if you do an upgrade, you will find several additions to new characters and abilities.

Another uniqueness of this game is the offline and online game features. However, not all features in online mode can be used in offline mode. To enjoy the same features between offline and online modes, you must download the modified version of the application.

Naruto Senki Mod / Pro Application Features

Some of the shortcomings that players feel when playing this game, make the developer make modifications and cover up the existing shortcomings. Here are some additional features provided by the developers.

  1. Unlimited Currency

The drawback that exists in the original version of the application is the limited currency it has. This causes players not to be able to buy various items or characters that they want freely.

Therefore, the developers made modifications and created an unlimited currency. This currency can be used to buy various items and characters that you want to play.

Apart from that, the currency you have can also be used to buy some skills and level up your character. With unlimited money, it will be easier for players to buy various needs in the game.

  1. No Blood Reduction

In battle mode or other battles in the original version of the game, your character will experience a reduction in blood due to the attacks you get. When you get a tough enough enemy, you will be overwhelmed and your character’s blood will continue to decrease, even run out.

To improve the experience of playing against difficult enemies, the developers improved the feature that is no blood reduction. With this feature, you can fight difficult characters easily.

This mod will keep your character’s blood full, even though it receives many attacks from your enemies. You can also complete various battles and missions easily without having to worry about your character running out of blood.

  1. Madara’s Voice Change

One of the main characters who has a high difficulty level is Uchiha Madara. However, several developers made modifications to the Uchiha Mada character. One of them is the voice they have.

In the mod / pro application, Uchiha Madara’s voice is modified, so you won’t hear the original voice. The voice issued by the mod version of Uchiha Madara will sound like Suigetsu’s voice.

Some characters have also experienced voice changes. When you see a character with a different voice from the anime series, it indicates that the game has been modified.

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