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Ninja Heroes Mod APK is an RPG game for Android adapted from the popular manga and anime entitled Naruto. If you are a true Naruto fan, then playing this game is a pleasure because you can enjoy the Naruto series in game form.

Previously, this game had enlivened video game console platforms such as PS2 and the like, but now Ninja Heroes also greets its fans on Android. So now you can enter the ninja world and accompany Naruto to achieve his dream of becoming the strongest Hokage.

Ninja Heroes offers exciting gameplay although you still have to buy items if you want to progress faster. Don’t worry, in this article we will discuss how to get unlimited money and other features with the modified Ninja Heroes.

Review Ninja Heroes Mod APK

Ninja Heroes is an RPG game that takes place and time in the world of Naruto and his friends and enemies. In this game, you can train your favorite ninja to defeat many enemies. Every time you defeat an enemy, the ninja you use will level up.

Once you start the Ninja Heroes game, you will be able to use Naruto, the main protagonist. Later, as time goes by and your ninja levels rise, you can also recruit other ninjas such as Kakashi, Sasuke, Obito, Sakura, Madara and many more.

Ninja Heroes has a gameplay that is very easy to play, where you don’t need full control over the course of the battle. You can stay calm without the need to press maneuver buttons on your smartphone and let your ninja beat his enemies with the moves he has learned.

However, you can still see an amazing animation like an anime when your ninja character releases a special move. You don’t have full control over the course of the battle, so the strength of your ninja will be determined by how high your level is and how many moves it learns.

Well, among the battle modes that you do by defeating other enemies / ninjas, you can upgrade your village / village. There you can upgrade the skills and skills of the ninjas you use to make them stronger. You can also rearrange the battle formation to make it more powerful during battle.

Two things you should pay attention to when playing this game, namely leveling and character grade. Leveling is an attempt to improve the character of the ninja and village. The farther your progress, the stronger the enemy you face, for that you have to keep increasing the level.

Furthermore, there is the character grade, which is the level of the ninja in the Ninja Heroes game, which is divided into grades A, B and C. The better the grade of the ninja, the more powerful the attacks you can build and the chances of defeating the enemy are also greater.

Therefore, you can start to focus on leveling just one ninja first so that the grade can go up. Later, if the level and grade of the ninja is maximal, then you can grind to raise the level of other ninjas.

Ninja Heroes Mod APK Game Features

  1. Unlimited Ninja

You can play and collect up to 100 ninjas who all come from the Naruto Universe. You can choose to use ninja protagonists such as Naruto, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Sakura, Hinata, Sasuke or ninja antagonists such as Madara, Obito and many more.

Every ninja you choose will have different mainstay moves and strengths, so get to know them before using them. You also need a long time if you want to maximize their level and grade if you want to know the peak strength of these ninjas.

  1. Jutsu

If you claim to be a fan of the Naruto manga and anime, you must be familiar with the term Jutsu. In Naruto Universe, every ninja has a Jutsu or skill or technique. A ninja needs to memorize his Jutsu so he can practice it during battle.

Well, in this game you can learn up to 100 different Jutsu for each character. If you often see the Naruto anime, then you must have memorized the animation of each Jutsu that the ninjas issued.

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