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Whatsapp is an instant messaging application with internet data that is well known and continues to experience growth in terms of its users. There is no need to doubt the popularity of Whatsapp because until now the application has been downloaded by more than 500 million Android users.

It can be said that. Whatsapp is the first application that we must have after we buy a smartphone. But there are still many users who feel that the original Whatsapp has many limitations. If you want to experience more features, then you can download OGWhatsapp.

This application is a modified version of the original Whatsapp, which of course provides many features that the official version cannot offer. For that, in this article we will discuss specifically OGWhatsapp along with its special and convenient features.

OGWhatsapp review

OGWhatsapp is a modified version of the original Whatsapp developed by a third party developer. This application offers continuous features where you can get a better and maximum communication experience upgrade with the people closest to you.

Some of the issues that this application is trying to fix are the privacy feature, where on the original Whatsapp many other users can see your activities on Whatsapp. If you install OGWhatsapp on your smartphone, then you can set your privacy as comfortable as you want.

The next issue that is the focus of the developer of this modified messaging application is security. This application does offer good security even though it is not an application that comes from an official source. So you don’t need to be afraid of being banned / blocked and losing your Whatsapp account.

Furthermore, this application also allows you to have two Whatsapp accounts on one device. So now you can have a side account installed on your device and it won’t crash with the original Whatsapp.

Original Whatsapp doesn’t have the sustainable features that the majority of its users want. Therefore, it is very wise if you install OGWhatsapp on a smartphone to get useful and better security and privacy features.

OGWhatsapp Key Features

Schedule Message Sending

One of the excellent features of the modified Whatsapp application is that you can schedule when messages will be sent. At one time you must have forgotten to send a message or greet someone closest to you.

Now you don’t need to worry anymore, because with this Pre-built Message Scheduler feature you can schedule message delivery at the time you want. So your message will be sent automatically by the application without having to type it every time.

You can also get this feature in the gbwhatsapp application that we mentioned earlier.


One of the risks of using the app outside of official sources is the ever-lurking chance of ban / block. It will be very disappointing if your favorite account is blocked. The good news is, by installing the latest version of this application you don’t need to be afraid that your WA account will be blocked.

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