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Plague Inc APK allows you to kill millions of humans in a very fun way.

In this game, you will become a villain, aka villain, who tries to wipe out humanity and return the world to prehistoric times with the help of the Plague.

Plague Inc is a simulation game for the spread of both the plague and the virus, and your success is determined by how many humans and countries have been infected.

Here you will face an AI race against time to find a vaccine and save civilization.

There are many limitations that you will face if you play the original Plague Inc, because you have to make an in-game purchase to get better technology and viruses.

Review of Plague Inc APK

You will take on the role of the Mad Genius in Plague Inc, where you create and develop a virus that can kill millions of humans in an instant.

You are free to spread the virus in a location or country that matches the characteristics of the virus.

Not only that, you can also research technology and prepare accurate plans and strategies to make the spread of the virus effective.

In this game, there are several viruses and different methods of spreading that also have different effectiveness for certain locations.

Plague Inc has a slightly different storyline and gameplay compared to other recent games.

Here you will be faced with AI that has good virus control management, of course it will be even more challenging because the game becomes very difficult.

This game does feel difficult for players who are trying it for the first time, but don’t worry because there is a very easy tutorial.

Each stage has a tutorial so you can immediately know what to do next to beat the smart AI.

There are about 12 types of viruses / pathogens in the game that have different characteristics and abilities to infect humans.

You can also make the virus evolve with the DNA you collect to make it even more deadly when it infects humans.

Plague Inc is a free game and you can download it at any time on Google Play, but there is an in-game purchase feature that you can do to speed up your progress.

Plague Inc APK Highlights

  1. Unlimited Money

The first excellent feature of the modified Plague Inc game is that unlimited money is automatically available.

You will find money as soon as you open the game for the first time and you can immediately spend it according to your needs.

If you have an unlimited source of money, you automatically have the power to do anything in the game.

You can buy the most effective bio-weapons and technology to wipe out millions of humans and return civilization to prehistoric times.

  1. Unlimited DNA

The next excellent feature of the Plague Inc mod is that there is unlimited DNA available, which you can use to make pathogens stronger and more effective when they infect humans.

Usually you can find DNA in locations / countries that have been infected with the virus. But with this unlimited DNA excellent feature, you can immediately have an unlimited amount of DNA.

Now you can modify the virus so that it can evolve into a deadly pathogen that is very effective at eliminating millions of humans.

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