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Humans have always entertained themselves with various traditional games that existed at that time. However, along with the development of the times like today, technologies have also developed which also allow humans to be able to access entertainment such as games.

Many games can be accessed directly from your smartphone. One of them is Pokemon Emerald ROM. Initially, this game could only be played through the Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA) version. Now, this game can also be accessed using a Playstation, even from a smartphone.

Pokemon Emerald Review

Pokemon Emerald is a turn base game developed by the famous Japanese game developer Game Freak. Game Freak is working with Nintendo, so Pokemon Emerald is intended to be played on the Game Boy Advance (GBA) version of the Nintendo game console.

You need to know that this game is the third generation of several previously released Pokemon video game series. Maybe most of you are curious about the difference between the new Pokemon games and the old one.

Many say that Pokemon Emerald is an improved version of the previous version of the Pokemon game, namely Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The opinion is correct, considering that most of the gameplay and controls in the Pokemon version of emerald have not changed much from the previous version of the game.

Pokemon Emerald was first released nationally in Japan in 2004 which was announced through CoroCoro Magazine. This was followed by its international release in 2005. At that time, the world was just starting to be able to play this Pokemon game through the Nintendo GBA console, including Indonesia.

In an effort to promote Pokemon Emerald, Nintendo has held competitions in seven areas spread across the United States and Canada.

Pokemon Emerald Rom Features

  1. Complete Pokemon

One of the advantages of this version of the Pokemon game is the availability of complete Pokemon. There are as many as 134 species of Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald, but some of these Pokemon are already in the previous version of the game.

Pokemon as many as 202 species in this regional dex, making game players will be spoiled with the right Pokemon compositions. That is one of the advantages of this game.

There are also Pokemon that represent their environment such as Pokemon in cave, land, sea, and so on. One of the unique things about it is that there are several Pokemon species that are inspired by real species that exist in Indonesia, namely Trapinch, Sandshrew, and Nincada.

  1. New Map

Pokemon Emerald has additional parts in the map. In addition, with a forest-nuanced map display, this game also comes with a quality graphic display and presents a beautiful impression. So, the players will be invited to go on an adventure with the sensation of being in a tropical region.

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