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In the midst of all the activities, in general, people will distract themselves with entertainment to treat their boredom. Especially in this modern era, entertainment is very easy to find. Various kinds of entertainment, especially games, can now be accessed easily via a smartphone.

Many replicas of ancient games can only be accessed through certain game consoles on smartphones. For example the Tamagotchi console game which now has a replica like the Pou game. Pou Mod APK is a modified version of the Pou game which is now available on smartphones.

Pou Game Review

The appearance of the Tamagotchi game made people feel the sensation of raising animals virtually. However, since smartphones exist, many similar games can be accessed with more attractive features and graphics, so that many games that were once successful are now being abandoned.

Game Pou was first released on August 5, 2012. This game can be accessed via Android, iOS, and even BlackBerry devices at its time. This game can also be said to be a replica of the famous Tamagotchi console game of its time.

Those of you who miss playing Tamagotchi, can feel the euphoria by playing the game Pou. You only need to download it on the Google Play Store.

This game is published by game developer Fargo Corporation, with the theme of simulating raising animals. However, the characters in this game don’t literally resemble animals, but characters that resemble triangular potatoes.

In terms of gameplay, the players of this game are not only assigned to feed the Pou character. The pet characters in this game can also be invited to play, cleaned, and even put to sleep.

Pou Mod APK Features

  1. Unlimited Coins

This Mod version of Pou is a modified version of the game that has been modified in such a way that it allows players to have unlimited coins.

There are many advantages that players can do with unlimited coins, such as taking care of the Pou character freely, and buying all the decorations or costumes for Pou.

In addition, players will also be spoiled by experimenting in an unlimited laboratory space. It’s because you have endless coins. The wallpaper in each room can also be changed according to taste using the unlimited coins you have.

  1. There are various spaces in the game

When you play this game, you can move your pet character to several different rooms. Of course, each of these rooms has a different function. There are five types of rooms that you can use, namely, kitchen, bedroom, hall, lab, and game room.

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