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The way to overcome the problem of stress and saturation from a tiring routine is by distraction. It is useful to divert our attention temporarily from things outside of a boring routine, proven to be able to relieve stress.

Entertainment is a pretty powerful type of distraction. Entertainment also consists of various types that you can choose, one of the most popular is games. One of the smartphone games that you can try is Project QT Mod APK.

Review Game Project QT

Project QT is an RPG genre action adventure game released by game developer Nutaku. Nutaku is known as the developer of various hentai genre games located in Canada.

The production of this game is in the form of anime graphics, so most of the games produced by Nutaku are for adults or over 18 years.

These games made by Nutaku include Project QT which is known to contain elements of NSFW, or in other words, Not Suitable / Safe for Work.

The term refers to content that is considered taboo and not worthy of being shown to the general public. Examples are such as pornographic content, violence, and other things that are not morally appropriate to be shown to the general public.

In the storyline, Project QT has a science fiction background. The world that is told in this game has also developed in terms of technology and science. Thus, this progress makes humans ambitious to reach outer space and leave the earth.

This game tells that humans begin to study cosmic black holes. Therefore, a black hole experiment was carried out at the North Pole. Unexpectedly, it turned out that the black hole was linked to another dimension in outer space that contained aliens.

The alien creature is a monster that looks like a beautiful girl. The black hole experiment paved the way for these monsters to come down to earth, so that the monsters had the ambition to invade planet earth. It was at this time that the world instantly became chaotic.

The chaos that occurs in the world makes beautiful girls on earth determined to defend the earth, so they form an army of beautiful girls, to protect the lives of mankind. That’s where the game in Project QT begins.

QT Mod APK Project Features

  1. HD graphics

This game is a science fiction game that has elements of fantasy. The beautiful monsters in this game will look attractive with HD resolution graphics. Apart from the good quality graphics, this game will make the gameplay even more enjoyable.

  1. Can Play with Friends

Given that this game can be accessed online, it allows you to play with friends and relatives from all over the place. In addition, the players will also make friends online in the game, so the game will be even more fun.

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