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Have you ever wanted to access a certain website but unfortunately the website is being blocked by the government? If you have experienced and experienced this experience, of course, you must be very disappointed because you cannot see useful things from the blocked website.

The good news is, now there are lots of developers who are developing quality VPN (Virtual Private Networks), one of which is Psiphon Pro. Through this VPN application, you can access any blocked website whenever you want.

In addition to opening blocked website access, a VPN also allows you to use the internet at extraordinary speeds. Especially if you open the pro version, there will be many features and countries that you can open and choose.

Psiphon Pro review

Psiphon is a VPN app developed by Psiphon Inc. and has been downloaded by around 50 million Android users. This application also gets a very good rating, which is 4.2 out of a maximum of 5.0. This means that this VPN can really work unblocking at high speed.

Blocked websites do not always have negative connotations, yes, because many of them contain valuable information, for example, Reddit. Or there are many other examples such as sites that provide links to download free movies and e-books.

In our country, maybe there are still a few websites that are blocked, so that we can still access social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. Some countries have indeed blocked these social media platforms so that they cannot be accessed by residents.

Such phenomena make users grateful for a VPN like Psiphon. Because of this useful application, users can restore personal freedom in browsing the internet without limits as in other free countries.

Psiphon can indeed be relied on to solve the problems of restricting internet freedom. You also don’t need to worry about data breaches and hackers, because the Psiphone server will protect your privacy well by hiding your IP address.

You also don’t need to worry that your data will be sold to the authorities or the government to oversee your browsing activities, for example. Guaranteed, everything is safe with Psiphon so you are free to browse the vastness of the internet without having to worry about any privacy security issues.

There are certain limitations if you use the free version of Psiphone, for example, the speed and bandwidth are limited plus you cannot use the IP of all countries. If you want unlimited speed, then you can upgrade to pro or download a modified version of Psiphon.

Psiphon Pro features

  1. Unblock Positive Internet

One main feature that the Psiphon VPN application has is that it can open all websites and sites that are blocked by the government or Positive Internet. Positive Internet will restrict your freedom in accessing your favorite websites which are useful for information and entertainment.

You only need to install Psiphon VPN then do a few simple taps to open all blocked websites. The mechanism of this VPN is that the IP address you use is redirected so that you can use IP addresses from other countries that don’t block destination sites.

  1. Unlimited Speed ​​/ Bandwitdh

If you are still using the original version of Psiphon, your internet speed and bandwidth will be limited. You can indeed access internet sites that are blocked by the government, unfortunately your browser speed is not at its maximum.

You can upgrade to pro by subscribing and paying some money or downloading a modified Psiphon. Now, with Psiphon which has been upgraded to pro or Psiphon mod, you can browse and play videos at unlimited speed plus bandwidth.

  1. More Servers

Using Psiphon premium allows you to access blocked internet through many server options. Unlike the original version where you are only provided with a minimalist server with normal speed, so you have to surrender if the server is trouble and slow.

If you upgrade to pro or use the mod version, there will be many server choices and of course high speed. So once you feel that the server you are using is slow, you can replace browsing with another server that is faster, of course.

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