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There are two types of Android phones that are widely used by the public. First, a cellphone with a factory default OS without the slightest change. The second is a cellphone with the original OS, but the rooting process has been carried out so that the system is more open.

The rooting process generally breaks the manufacturer’s warranty, especially for the OS. However, many people do it to increase the performance of the gadget. After rooting, several special applications can be installed, one of which is Root Explorer Pro APK.

The Root Explorer Pro APK application is a mandatory application that must be present on a rooted Android. By using this application, you can do various things so that the cellphone used is lighter. In addition, more data can be stored.

Review the Root Explorer Pro application

  1. User Rating

Until now, there are around 500 thousand people who have downloaded and used it. Of that number, about 32 thousand people gave stars. The average rating for this application is 4.3 which means it is almost perfect.

Moreover, this application can be used for various Android phones from old to new versions (version 8). RAM and internals are not used much. With only 1 GB of RAM, it can be used to carry out all its functions perfectly.

  1. Price

There are actually two versions of this application released by Speed ​​Software. First, named Explorer which is given free of charge. Second, this application is priced at IDR 50,000.

The price offered is actually very cheap because it is not a subscription system. Once purchased, you will continue to get updates, even after changing cellphones.

Root Explorer Pro APK application features

  1. Manage Files More Professional

File management is better and professional than usual. The search, cut, copy, and paste process is fast. Various types of files can be managed perfectly, beyond the free version. So, don’t be afraid that there are unreadable files!

When managing, not only ordinary file types can be managed. Certain types of files, especially hidden ones, can be managed. Files that make internal less so can be deleted immediately so they don’t take up memory.

  1. Editing the APK file

Not just managing ordinary files. APK files that are installed or stored on the phone can be changed. There is a feature to view binaries from the application and make edits there. So, you can mod certain applications yourself. Interesting right?

Of course, when making edits to the application it doesn’t always work. However, you can use it for study advice. So, you can actually know what the APK is. Especially in the types of games or large applications.

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