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Download the latest version of shadow fight 2 mod apk – Games on the Play Store have been categorized into several groups. There is a casual type of game that doesn’t require you to think hard.

And games that have a type of fight that need very accurate control.

In this article we will discuss the type of fighting game that is liked by many people. The name of the game is Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK and it was developed by Nekki.

As the name suggests, this game doesn’t show too many players, all in the form of shadows.

Even though it only looks black, this game is quite interesting, especially with the addition of weapons that can be combined.

In addition, there is also a combo feature of several moves to produce a more exciting and deadly game.

Review Game Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK

  1. Gameplay

As with other fighting type games, the gameplay that will be carried out is how to fight the enemy with attacks.

When you start playing, you will be taught how to use various basic attacks to combos.

Learn this attack well and make it a habit to do it many times. This game requires you to get used to doing attacks without thinking.

If the function of each button is not mastered, it will likely be difficult to carry out attacks. Compared to the previous version, the control in this second version is better.

Some movements that were very slow or very difficult to perform have been fixed. In addition, several missions were also added as well as more weapons provided.

Other things about the gameplay that you must learn or master consist of:

The gathering of armor is very strong and usually not easy. Try to use armor that is already a set to get bonus status. This bonus can be used for combat.

Learn certain fighting techniques. This technique generally appears after a combination of movements and using certain weapons.

Learn the attack patterns of the enemy. Every enemy, whether regular or boss, has a different attack. Learning his attacks will make it easy for you to dodge.

Try to follow the intro or storyline there. That way you can easily learn the themes of the world and its monsters.

Carry out raids at full power to defeat huge enemies. When doing raids, the boss will also drop weapons.

  1. Graphics

Don’t demand too much 3D themes on simple games. Even though it only has 2D graphics, the game already offers lots of stunning animation. For example, graphics when the character you are running attacks your opponent.

This simple graphic is supported by a perfect storyline. So, it won’t be boring. Moreover, all types of cellphones even though they have “potato specs” can still be used to play them well.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK Game Features

  1. Unlimited Money

The first feature of Shadow Fight 2 modification type is that there are no restrictions on game money. If you use the regular version, money will be quite difficult.

The impact is that if you want to strengthen your character, you have to really do an uphill battle. The mod version gives you unlimited money so you can buy anything.

Weapons that are common to rare can be obtained easily. If the character you are using gets stronger, it will most likely be able to fight enemies that are hard to beat.

  1. Unlock Weapons and Armor

Some of the weapons or armor features in this game are often locked at the start of playing. However, as the game progresses it will open up by itself.

If you use the mod version, that doesn’t apply because the weapon is already open. Opened weapons will be easy to buy. Moreover, there is unlimited money.

So, even at the beginning of the game you can easily become strong. Furthermore, progress can proceed quickly. You don’t need to repeat the same level over and over again.

  1. All Features Unlocked

In addition to weapons and armor that open as the game progresses. All features such as world for each level are also open. You no longer need to wait slowly, if you want to fight certain strong enemies.

Even though everything is open and you have strong armor, if you don’t have good control, the enemy is still hard to beat.

That is why doing constant exercise must be done to get used to it. Furthermore, the fight can be done quickly and accurately.

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