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Download the latest version of Slap Kings Mod Apk – There are several reasons that make someone decide to play the game.

First the game offers attractive and 3D graphics. Second, the game provides interesting features. Finally, the games played are very simple, but addictive when played.

One of the games that can be included in the third category is Slap Kings Mod APK. This game is very simple and easy to play.

You don’t need to think around the world to do a strategy. Just pay attention to the timing and everything can go perfectly.

This game only shows how the player slaps other players. Even though it’s just a slap, it turns out that if the timing is wrong you can lose.

In addition, the hands used also have different slapping strengths.

Review Game Slap Kings Mod APK

  1. Gameplay

Slapping championships exist in the world. People in Russia often do it to test the strength of their hands.

The game in the real world was adapted to the game world and became Slap Kings which was phenomenal.

This game is actually relatively new because it was released in February 2020. However, in just three months it had downloaded more than 50 million people.

The rating is also quite high at 4.2 out of 5. For a simple game size, this statistic is a big achievement.

The thing that makes this game even more loved is the simple gameplay. In fact, there isn’t much to do other than be slapped or slapped.

If you can fight with all your strength, the enemy will be easily defeated, then you will become the King.

The main character you play will enter the match like boxing. There he will try to deliver the slap with all his might.

The strongest slap is seen from the power meter provided. Once in a high position, a slap must be made.

The point is you have to combine a slap that has very strong power and the right timing.

If those two things can be combined well, the enemy will fall apart. In fact, he fell from where he stood out of the ring.

  1. Graphics

This game has very simple graphics or a class like other 2D games. There aren’t many animated elements or other effects. However, the simple gameplay is enough to make up for that shortcoming.

If you are using a cellphone with regular specifications, such as 2GB RAM or less. The game can still run perfectly. So, almost everyone can try it even though the cellphone used is a bit old.

Slap Kings Game Features

  1. Have Unlimited Money

If you want to be strong when using this game, play the game over and over again. You will get a lot of money.

By using that money, you can easily upgrade your character. The result is maximum slap strength.

A lot of money will allow you to easily upgrade your character.

Furthermore, you are also not easily defeated by an opponent who makes a slap. If you have limited money, the game will be difficult to make progress.

  1. Some Items Are Open

As with other games, not all features are unlocked at the start of the game. There should be a game for a while, until all the items are perfectly opened.

If the item is open, you can use it immediately. In this modified version, all items are open right from the start.

So, you don’t need to do many things. Simply, use everything that is open and purchased with unlimited money. From the start of the game, your slap power is at its maximum.

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