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Summertime Saga Mod APK is a game whose concept is like a story. When playing it, you will be given a male character. He will go to college and enjoy his teenage world. Your task in the game is to control what he does, who his friends are, and his girlfriend.

The story of this game is in accordance with the association in the west. This means that there is some content that is adult in nature. For example, a female character design who wears minimal clothes. Furthermore, there is also a story about the character’s bed life.

Although the content is a bit mature, it is generally not overly exaggerated. You can play it, by making an original story. If you are interested in playing the Summertime Saga Mod APK game, see the full review below.

Review Game Summertime Saga Mod APK

This game has the main character of a young man. He was just going to college, when his father passed away. Unfortunately, his father had a lot of debt from the mafia. As a result, he had to pay off all his debts and his teenage life was disturbed.

In this simulation game, you will play the main male character. You will fulfill whatever his wishes. You can choose what he will do with his girlfriend. Since the game is an adult themed game, naughty graphics and narratives will appear frequently.

Does this game only contain adult stuff? The answer is of course not. The developers put a lot of fun in it. There are lots of mini games that can be done. So, you will not be bored, in carrying out a lot of storylines.

Just a little information, apart from the main character here there are around 65 figures. It also includes 30 different locations. With so many characters and locations, the possibilities for creating a story are endless. You and your friends may have different stories.

For mini games, the developer provides about 20 games. This means that there are many things that can be done. Not only related to adult content. However, this game is not very suitable for minors.

Summertime Saga Mod APK Game Features

  1. Unlimited Money

One of the features of the much-liked mod type game is unlimited money. In this Summertime Saga game, money is also unlimited. You don’t have to bother doing various missions. Quite relaxed, money has come by itself.

Unlimited money is useful for buying anything. Raise the player’s status, until he has a partner as you wish. That way, you can have a character to your liking. For example, making the characters become rich and playboy.

  1. Exciting Mini Games

As discussed above, there are at least 20 mini games. If you are tired of playing story games, you can play fun mini games. Each mini game, has its own prize if you can complete it.

  1. Unlimited Story Possibilities

There are many characters and locations to meet as well. In each character, you can create a relationship as you wish. For example, want to make him an enemy, friend, or make him a girlfriend. All are free to do without any restrictions.

Each story that starts will have a different story structure. If you are bored and want a new one, start over. Anything can be done easily and quickly. Moreover, the modified version of the game has a lot of money.

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