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There are many simulation type games such as The Sims Mobile Mod APK, most often on Google Play, with the theme of farming and agriculture. You will be asked to plant various types of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Next, feed the cows and chickens. In the game there are also exciting and challenging missions. Are simulation games only on the theme of agriculture? The answer is of course no.

There is one more type of game which is an adaptation of the PC version. The name of the game is The Sims Mobile Mod APK. If you play with Steam often, you know the gameplay.

Review Game The Sims Mobile Mod APK

  1. Gameplay
    Gameplay in The Sims Mobile Mod APK
    As with other simulation type games, there is no fighting action here. All the characters in it interact just like humans.

Even though on the PC version, there is a patch that raises mythological creatures, unfortunately the mobile version doesn’t exist yet.

The Sims Mobile is a lite version of the PC with almost the same animation. So, if you miss playing on PC but the device doesn’t allow, just try the Android version.

  1. Graphics
    Graphics of The Sims Mobile Mod Apk
    The graphics displayed from The Sims tend to be perfect, and match the shape of a PC. The built-in animation is also perfect.

Because it has high quality graphics, not all cellphones can be used to play it.

If you want to play it, it’s better to use a cellphone with at least 2 GB of RAM. If less than that RAM is used, there is a concern that it will cause problems, such as stuck or being forced closed.

Game Features The Sims Mobile

  1. Unlimited Money

Money that can be obtained from The Sims Mobile if you do missions, work, and other requests.

In this game, the money you get will not be a lot and gradually. If you want to buy a lot of things, you can’t help but work hard and wait.

Because not everyone can wait properly, finally a mod version appears. This modified version, provides unlimited money. This means that once you play, you are already rich and can buy anything easily.

  1. There are many missions
    If you are just about to play this game, don’t be afraid if you will get bored on the way. Basically this game has lots of missions. Every mission, related to work or relationships with other people.

Money can be obtained if the mission is successfully completed. So, multiply the missions around the character. Furthermore, the character will have a high rating and their career can be increased

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