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Along with the many needs, various “hack” type applications began to appear. On Android phones, you can find quite a lot of types. For example an application used to compress photos. Furthermore, there are also applications that are used to download videos.

Another application that includes a hack is Titanium Backup Pro. This application, can be used to perform recovery. When you just deleted important data. Applications can be used to restore it, although the condition must be root.

Titanium Backup Pro Application Review

  1. General Functions

As the name suggests, one of the functions of this application is to perform backups. This function will make Android phone users not afraid that data is lost. For example, because you deleted it wrong or there was an error. As a result, some applications and data were deleted completely.

Without using the application, file or application restore cannot be done. If it’s important, you’ll be in trouble yourself. However, if you use the Titanium Backup application, everything can be restored like restoring trash from the Bin folder.

  1. Mobile Criteria

Actually there are no special criteria that must be considered. Almost all cellphones, as long as they have Android 4.4 and above, can be used. Especially if you are using the latest version of Android, it will probably run smoothly.

There are no RAM requirements, but make sure the cellphone used has a size of 2 GB or more. Next, try to free up half of your storage space (8-16 GB), considering that backups take up a lot of space

Titanium Backup Pro Application Features

  1. All Features Open

One of the advantages that can be obtained, if you use the mod version is unlimited. All the features in the application will all be unlocked. That’s why this version is called Pro. If you only use the free version, important features will be locked.

Features that are open, including synchronization to multiple cloud such as Google Drive, Box, and DropBox. Furthermore, there is also a batch backup function, freeze applications, perform encryption, change the ID on the cellphone, and many others.

  1. Modify the Default Application

On some phones, when buying in a new condition, the default application is generally already there. Built-in applications like this, sometimes fill the cellphone. When it is about to be deleted it cannot be done. Some applications may be deleted, but the impact is bad on the phone.

One solution to this problem is to use Titanium Backup. This application, can be used to modify the default application. If they are not used anymore, they can be quickly removed and not risky.

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