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Whatsapp is an instant messaging application using internet data developed by Whatsapp Inc. Whatsapp was released in 2009 and has become the best messaging application to date, the proof is that there are around 5 billion Android users who have installed Whatsapp.

Whatsapp does have a variety of useful features to upgrade the way users communicate with the closest people. Besides being able to reply to text messages, you can also video call for free. But with the Whatsapp Mod, you can use WA for more things.

Yes, there have been many modified versions of WA that allow users to explore super profitable WA features. Below we will explain the types of WA mods, their superior features as well as how to install them

Whatsapp APK Review

Whatsapp modification is a WA application developed by a third party, so you could say this application is not official. Modder or third-party application developers modify WA to have features and features that the original version of Whatsapp does not have.

There are many features that you can use from this modified version of Whatsapp, for example, regarding chat.

  • In this modified application, you can hide blue ticks and gray ticks from the sender.
  • You can also hide your online status so that other people can’t see it.
  • In addition to the chat features above, you can also download friend status with the mod version of WA. Of course, you can’t do this in the official version. You can usually save the status of your contacts, but in quite complicated ways such as screenshots or screen capture features.
  • This WA modification also provides useful features, especially when uploading and downloading photos and videos. Usually there is a limit to the size of the video / photo that you can send to friends or when creating a status. Well, in a modified application, there is no limit to the size of the photo / video.

There are many more features that you can get by installing a modified version of Whatsapp. In essence, this application offers features that the Playstore version of the application cannot provide. Therefore, not a few people have switched to using this WA Mod.

Whatsapp Mod Features

  1. Download Whatsapp Status

One of the features possessed by modified Whatsapp is being able to download and save other people’s Whatsapp status. So you can download the status in the form of an interesting photo / video and it will be saved in your smartphone gallery later.

This is of course different from the official WA application, where there is no download feature for other people’s status updates. You can save their status, namely by taking a screenshot, but this only applies to status in the form of photos.

  1. Send and Receive HD Photos / Videos

When you send and upload photos / videos to your contacts or status, the WA system will automatically compress the file so that its size becomes small. As a result, the photos / videos that you send are of bad quality and don’t look like the original.

The good news is, in this modified version of WA, you can send HD quality files without fear of the file turning ugly. Because it has been modified, the system will let it escape even though it is large and of good quality.

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