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Whatsapp is a instant messaging application where you can reply to messages, make calls or video calls. This application was developed by Whatsapp Inc. which is still under Facebook. Whatsapp has so far been available for the Android and iOS platforms.

There are several differences between the Android and iOS versions of Whatsapp because Whatsapp has indeed created 2 different Whatsapp models. Whatsapp IOS is more elegant and has exclusive features. Don’t worry, with Whatsapp Mod iOS, you can WA like the display of an iPhone.

So even though you are using Android, you can run Whatsapp IOS by downloading and installing the modified Whatsapp iOS. For more details, below we will discuss the modified WA feature and how to download and install it.

Review Whatsapp Mod IOS

Whatsapp for iOS is claimed to have a better appearance and features than the Android version of Whatsapp. At first glance, the Whatsapp iOS display is indeed more elegant and luxurious which makes it seem exclusive. Everything about the identical iPhone looks luxurious, good, and expensive.

The facts above certainly make Android users feel a little jealous, and whether they admit it or not, they also want to occasionally experience Whatsapp iOS. Luckily, now there is a modified Whatsapp that looks like iOS and can be installed on an Android smartphone.

This solution is the cheapest than if you buy the latest iPhone that costs over 10 million, for example, just because you want to experience the use of the iOS version of the WA theme. Moreover, this modified application is also free and the size does not reach 100 MB, so you will get a lot of profit.

Whatsapp This iPhone Mod really allows you to experience the use of Whatsapp with an extraordinary interface. Besides that, you can also access and enjoy many Whatsapp themes which are only available for iPhone, so you can switch themes as you wish and as you like.

There are many more advantages and features that you can get from downloading the iOS version of Whatsapp Mod. One thing is for sure, you can feel how to use the iPhone version of Whatsapp, so you can say you are an iPhone user even if it’s only for the Whatsapp application.

Whatsapp Mod IOS features

  1. Better Privacy Features

The modified WhatsApp display for iOS and can be installed on the Android platform offers better privacy features compared to the original Whatsapp. Privacy in playing social media is very important, because some people want to keep things for themselves.

Now, by using this application, you can hide the status of other people’s messages, whether you have seen or read them. Through this feature, you will be free from replying to other people’s messages instantly when maybe you are busy or haven’t moved to reply.

  1. Download Whatsapp Story button

You cannot download WA stories shared by other people on the original Whatsapp because there are only “reply” and “mute” options there. You can save it by capturing a screen or screenshot, but only applies to WA stories in the form of photos, of course.

The good news is, in this modified Whatsapp application there is an option to download WA stories that are shared by others. You can instantly download the photos and videos they share and save them in your smartphone gallery.

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