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WA or WhatsApp ranks in the top, as a messaging application today. Hundreds of millions of people around the world use it because it’s simple. You no longer need to ask for pins from other people. As long as it is in contact, it will automatically appear.

Although many are reliable, some features on WhatsApp are considered too ordinary. As a result, many people turn to third-party applications. This application, called WhatsApp Transparan or WhatsApp Transparent, offers much more complete features.

You could say, this modified application from GBplus is an upgraded version. You can send messages on schedule with accuracy, right down to sharing large files. Things like that, cannot be done in standard applications. Interested in using the transparent WA mod, see the review below.

WhatsApp Transparent Review

  1. General advantages

One of the reasons why the modified version of the WhatsApp application is selling well is its features. Compared to the original version, there are a lot of features added. In fact, you could say that WA Transparan is the pro version of the original type that exists today.

As the name suggests, there are changes to the display given. In this type of modification, you can get a transparent background. This means that it can be used anywhere without the need to close other applications.

  1. Mobile Criteria

As with WhatsApp which is the original version, the cellphone criteria also follow. Older versions are no longer supported. If you want to use it, it’s better to use version 6 or 7 and above. That version, it will be stable to use to open WA Transparent.

Furthermore, a minimum of 2 GB of RAM, so that it is optimal to use for sending messages. Finally, there is still 2-3 GB of storage space. Whatsapp of any type will do the backup. One backup, about 200 MB.

Transparent WhatsApp Application Features

  1. Has Perfect Privacy Features

One of the highlights, from WhatsApp Mod from GBplus is privacy. If you use regular WhatsApp, the privacy settings are just simple. For example, only hiding the status. If you use this application, there are many things you can do in full.

The privacy feature offered is regarding message status. When you receive a message, you can set a checkmark, check two, and check two blue. So, if you are lazy to respond to messages and want to read messages, you can still do it.

Another thing that has to do with privacy is the status when typing. If you use regular WA, you will see it when you type. Use the transparent type, it won’t be visible anymore, so you can be safe while typing while thinking.

  1. Can Be Customized As You Wish

Customization is very important, considering that everyone has different tastes. You can control anything using this application. There are hundreds of themes offered and created by other users. Furthermore, the background can also be customized.

In addition to themes, there are also customizations in the form of many types of fonts. In essence, if you use this application you can easily create WA like your own. Others will not be able to match him.

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