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WhatsApp makes it easy for everyone to send messages. You no longer need to think about PINs and do additions. As long as you have a friend’s cellphone number, you can send messages. All forms of messaging from text to media are supported.

Even though it provides convenience, the WA that is used is not too perfect. Many things cannot be done. For example, hiding privacy, sending scheduled messages, to sending big data. Finally, many people use YoWhatsApp as a solution to WA shortcomings.

YoWhatsapp Application Review

  1. General Application Capabilities

The YoWhatsapp or YoWA application is an alternative if you are bored with the original version. If you use the original version, it will be difficult for you to adjust your privacy. It would be difficult to hide from other people, your online presence is easy to spot.

Furthermore, using standard applications, there will be many limitations. You will find it difficult to send messages with very large links. In addition, there are limits to how much data can be sent at one time.

  1. Cellphone Specifications

In fact, all WA modification applications use the original version, for the main ingredient. The WA application itself is compatible with Android version 4 and above. Older cellphones can be difficult to use. The modified version is the same, so the old cellphone cannot be used.

Requirements for RAM must be above 1.5 GB or 2 GB, so that it can be optimal when running. Furthermore, the remaining memory should be around 1-2 GB. Even though the application is not too big, it is like WA in general. Most likely, it will increase in size, especially when it is often used for data transmission.

YoWhatsapp Application Features

  1. Customize Themes and Background

The themes of this application are numerous and you can use them as needed. Themes come from other users and are uploaded to the app store. All themes including the backgrounds are free to use.

If you have expertise in creating themes for WA, that can also be used. In essence, you can do anything easily. So, when using WA you can be more comfortable, especially since there are privacy settings.

  1. Anti Banned

The developer of this third party application said that using YoWA will be anti-banned. In the initial version, the WA system will likely detect it. However, gradually the system is updated regularly.

In the new version, there might not be a banned case. Even if there are, there are not too many of them. If you are sure you want to use it, install it immediately so you can feel the many advantages.

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